2 thoughts on “Pauly Shore Says Black Comics Suck

  1. Great comment, but Pauly is a hater because he has had no career since the big flpo Biodome, so he is gonna rail; against black comics because they continue to dominate and keep audiences laughing. He is racist and will never pack audiences anywhere that don’t have white hoods on. Make sure you come back and comment on a bunch of our other articles because i appreciate your feedback.

  2. “Natural Born Komics” is the title of a 2007 Clip show movie made by shorey which also stars Charlie Murphy who is one of the Comics he critisises for not being funny in this clip. http://www.imdb.com/media/rm4189032448/tt0814227 I’m pretty sure this rant is NOT to be taken seriously. If he is being truly sincere then he’s a rambling idiot that does’nt deserve this much airplay. I mean seriously Will Farell probably makes more money than every Black comidian he just mentioned combined! Dont Hate Shorey… Pity the Fool!

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