The Lil Homie Plies Preps Sophomore Release


The Lil Homie Plies is striking while the iron is hot. According to an article on Plies is reading his sophomore release Definition of Real, after enjoying gold success with his debut CD The Real Testament.  Slated for a June 10 release Plies also spoke on the secrets to his formula.  He said he doesn’t rely on high priced producers to cook up tracks, instead he leans on his brothers production company The World Music Group.

“We got a lot of good producers under our umbrella,” he says. “At the end of the day if you’re not careful you can go through this business coming out with great records, great albums and walk away with nothing to show. So, I’m just trying to tighten up my business side of it.”

You can also forget any rapper guest appearances, like George Bush the Homie Plies prefers to go at it alone. He is sticking with his winning formula and going with a R&B crooner on the hook and this time around he snatched up Ne-Yo for his yet untitled lead single. “It’s all me on this album but I was able to work with a Ne-Yo who gave me that good radio side, that radio look.”In addition to him tightening the music business side up Plies is also venturing into reality TV and fashion. Based off his two-part single “Bust It Baby” which Plies describes as “the best sexual experience” this will be the name of the show as well as an all-female fashion line. There are currently three major networks bidding for the pepper hot show which received 200,000 hits for the casting call alone!  For more info on the Lil Homie Plies CLICK HERE

3 thoughts on “The Lil Homie Plies Preps Sophomore Release

  1. plies you are so sexy i really just wanted to tell you that. from the first time i saw you, you took my breath away when i see you its like being rich to me one day when i am famous i will do a video with you, and i will be your bustit baby.

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