An Assassination Attempt…On Soulja Boy?


An apparent assassination attempt was averted on Wednesday (3/19) when police in Illinois arrested a 12-year old who threw a rock through Soulja Boy’s tour bus window. His reason being “I hate Soulja Boy.” Damn, what is the world coming to. If you need more info on this disturbing piece of news CLICK HERE

2 thoughts on “An Assassination Attempt…On Soulja Boy?

  1. I guessed you couldn’t peep the satire in the story, I was trying to make light of a rather sensationalized story. A 12 year old dumbing out on his worst rapper, Soulja Boy. Kind of sad, but kind of funny.

  2. Wanna be journalist/gossip columnist the word is spelled Ass ass in ation . GET IT STUPID? or GOT IT STUPID? Throwing a rock through a window is not an ass ass in ation attempt!

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