Will Smith To Star As Last Pharaoh


First he was the last man alive on Earth, now Will Smith may be playing the Last Pharaoh of Egypt, King Taharqa of Nubia who reigned over the 25th Dynasty and controlled both Egypt and Kush. Details are tentative but it is being said that Will will produce and star in this epic tale called The Last Pharaoh. Taharqa is referred to as the greatest ruler of Egypt from amongst its Nubian Kings. Interest in this lost chapter of history has been reignited by the recent story in National Geographic that details the reign of Taharqa and the other Nubian Kings of Egypt. Wow, to think we might see a black president and Egyptians depicted in their right hue in the same year, yeah times a changing. CLICK HERE for more info on this story.

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13 thoughts on “Will Smith To Star As Last Pharaoh

  1. Saying the dove was black is like saying the woman is egyptian , As for me egyptians, ethiopians, and colchians are balck with woolly hair and the only one to circumcise from the earliest of time, the phoenicians claimed to have learnt it from them. At an average temperature of 50 centigrade., it will be difficult for a non black african to survive let alone rule and reign in Egypt. Australia and New Zealand are typical example, the original inhabitants are black, there were white invaders, their was interbreeeding that produced a lighter tint, the 400m runner is a typical example but the original aboroginals are as black as charcoal. Please common sence before you claim the nubians or ancient egyptians were white. cause we have no record of them wearing sun tan lotion or curing skin cancer.

  2. Herodotus, who is white, plainly describes egyption as being “black”, not white, not pink, not yellow, not brown which would still be acceptable as being black or african, but simply “black.” Let’s get on with it people. Blacks have done everything whites have said that they couldn’t do and done it bettor. I am afraid that in 2000 years if whites are still hegemonous, they will claim Martin Luther King, Jordan, willie Mays, Hank Aaron…etc. Please know that there was no Englishmen, Irishmen, Scotts in Egypt at the height of its civilization. Theirs are relatively new civilizations.

  3. That would be “serious” white professors who are never serious except when they seriously distort history to enhance their barbaric culture.

  4. you mean 25th dynasty ,not 26th,of course thier some blacks in the 26th most likely.

    anyway the nubians did the defeat the Assyrians in or around Jerusalem.

  5. Actually. Modern day African Americans, who came from Western Africa are in fact the same exact ethnicity as the Eastern African Kushites. Even though they both originated on opposite sides of the continent, they are the exact same people with identical histories.

  6. If anybody ever reads this again – I was wrong! – I was under-researched.
    I am now utterly convinced that taharqa and the 26th dynasty were black nubians.
    I apologise.

  7. Why the last? blacks were the of first Pharaos. come on Will get it right. Don’t get played brother please.

  8. In response to the last message. Henry T. Auburn isn’t an Assyriologist, Judiac Historian nor is he an Near Eastern historian, but a journalist with an agenda. There is no evidence whatsoever of the Nubians defeating the Assyrians inside or outside of Jerusalem. Because the Assyrians did not attack Jerusalem, he fantasizes that they were afraid of the Nubians and retreated. The truth of the matter is that no one knows why the Assyrians left and therefore out of a bias towards them and their harsh policies towards the Hebrews–he is free to say whateversounds flattering…No doubt in hopes of appealing to African American and Jewish American readers.

    Secondly “Esarhaddon then proceeded to invade Egypt proper in Taharqa’s 17th regnal year, after Esarhaddon had settled a revolt at Ashkelon. Taharqa defeated the Assyrians on that occasion.”

    There is no records of the Assyrian Army losing to Taharqa. Where is there a detailed account of them actual losing other than just saying “they were defeated”? I recommend Georges Roux Ancient Iraq for a more non-fantastical account.

  9. another thing the kushites did defeat the Assyrians at times. read this-

    Scholars have identified him with Tirhakah, king of Ethiopia, who waged war against Sennacherib during the reign of King Hezekiah of Judah (2 Kings 19:9; Isaiah 37:9) and drove him from his intention of destroying Jerusalem and deporting its inhabitants—a critical action that, according to Henry T. Aubin, has shaped the Western world. For at this time, the Bible had not yet been written, nor had the concept of YWEH been fully defined.[6] The events in the Biblical account are believed to have taken place in 701 BC, whereas Taharqa came to the throne some ten years later. A number of explanations have been proposed: one being that the title of king in the Biblical text refers to his future royal title, when at the time of this account he was likely only a military commander.

    It was during his reign that Egypt’s enemy Assyria at last invaded Egypt. Esarhaddon led several campaigns against Taharqa, which he recorded on several monuments. His first attack in 677 BC, aimed to pacify Arab tribes around the Dead Sea, led him as far as the Brook of Egypt. Esarhaddon then proceeded to invade Egypt proper in Taharqa’s 17th regnal year, after Esarhaddon had settled a revolt at Ashkelon. Taharqa defeated the Assyrians on that occasion. Three years later in 671 BC the Assyrian king captured and sacked Memphis, where he captured numerous members of the royal family. Taharqa fled to the south, and Esarhaddon reorganized the political structure in the north, establishing Necho I of the 26th dynasty as king at Sais.

    Upon the Assyrian king’s departure, however, Taharqa intrigued in the affairs of Lower Egypt, and fanned numerous revolts. Esarhaddon died before he could return to Egypt, and it was left to his heir Assurbanipal to once again invade Egypt. Assurbanipal defeated Taharqa, who afterwards fled first to Thebes, then up the Nile into his native homeland—Nubia. Taharqa died there in 664 BC and was succeeded by his appointed successor Tantamani, a son of Shabaka. Taharqa was buried at Nuri.[9]

  10. i do not understand really that last comment from the last post.for the first post.the kushite nubians were clearly black. kushite means black.

  11. Silly. Taharqa was niether the last pharaoh or the last Nubian pharaoh. Still, although he seems to have been a courageous King and extensively rebuilt a massive temple (to amon-ra) at kawa in Sudan he got his arse kicked by the Assyrians, first in Judah, defending Jerusalem, then in Egypt itself – twice. Also – and you’re not gonna like this, but serious professors of Egyptology will take exception to the idea that Nubians of the time were actually black. (I work at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford , England, where Taharqa’s Shrine is located). Still, this is Hollywood. There was a Scorpion King as well, and he wasn’t a proffesional wrestler.
    Still, thank god and the people of the U.S for Obama.

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