Dem Candidates Have Global Appeal


The race for the presidency of the U.S. isn’t restricted to the shores of the continental United States. Both democratic candidates have a global appeal and the rest of the world has a vested interest in the outcome of this Presidential election. Obama favors well in Africa, Europe and the Mid East. On the strength of Bill Clinton’s favorable trade policies, Mexico and China are hoping it runs in the family and they are cheerleading for Hillary to take the title. Skpeticism is abound in pockets around the Middle East where even though they are rooting for Obama they doubt that America is ready to take direction from a man with Hussein as his middle name. The Wall Street Journal story said it best with this quote:

The world’s sole superpower has such an impact on the globe that, as a Belgian newspaper recently suggested, the rest of the world may feel it should be allowed to vote, too.

To read the rest of this story CLICK HERE.

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