LA Times Tupac Story Is Debunked By The Smoking Gun


Thanks to investigative work done by The Smoking Gun website it has been determined that the Los Angeles Times has been completely duped in their reporting last week about a Mafia-linked plot to have Tupac assassinated outside of Manhattan’s Quad Studio. The plot supposedly hatched by James Sabatino, a career con-artist and currently an inmate at Allenwood Federal Correctional Facility has been exposed to be a fabrication skillfully executed by the “attention-seeking” Sabatino whose claims seem to have fallen flat on their face.

Within a weeks worth of investigation The Smoking Gun has been able to debunk the fabrication that the LA Times, the country’s fourth largest newspaper ran on the front of their paper (website edition) discrediting reporter Chuck Philips, who has been duped on more than one occasion by unreliable informants. Apparently the court documents cited by the LA Times were forged documents, copies of “302’s” made by Sabatino from federal prison. I highly recommend that you CLICK HERE to read the rest of this explosive rebuttal of the story that has created a firestorm globally, linked Puff and BIG to the shooting of their nemesis Tupac Shakur.

One thought on “LA Times Tupac Story Is Debunked By The Smoking Gun

  1. One of the other writers on Highbrid Nation did a story on Pac and the craziness surrounding that shooting and I wondered what other were saying about this. It seems to me that this is something the news media refuses to let go. Everyone wants to be the one who solves the crime. In reality what are the chances of us solving a 15 year old crime? And in the end does it matter? That shooting did not lead to Pac’s death. He recovered from that shooting. So what’s the fuss about?

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