Remy Ma Trial: Convicted, TI Trial: Pleads Guilty-UPDATE SEE VIDEO


Well it seems that Remy Ma has been convicted by the jury and faces and hell of a long time in the slammer. Its a shame that she will probably spend at least a decade in jail and this will probably end her career. Shameful indeed. According to SOHH, who said their reporters were present in the courtroom when the verdict was handed down, Remy was caught off guard by the outcome.

Her lawyer, Ivan Fisher said, “Remy didn’t expect this…she didn’t tell her eight-year old son, who she left this morning [she would not be returning home].”

While all is not lost in the world of Hip Hop, as the sun sets in the North, down South the sun seems to be shining on the King of the South, who managed to escape what could of ammounted to a lengthy career ending sentence for multiple federal counts of posessing and knowingly excepting firearms that weren’t registered. A 1000 hrs. of community service will be required by T.I. to meet the stipulations of the deal he cut with the federal government for his plea of guilty. He will be sentenced some time next year .

“That service will focus on using his high public visibility and his talents to tell at-risk young people about the mistakes he has made and to educate them about the dangers of violence, guns, gangs and drugs” said his lawyer.
“I’d like to thank God for blessing me with a second chance in life and success,” T.I. told the media after the change of plea hearing. “I’m looking forward to turning this negative time in my life into a positive. I know I have a long road of redemption to travel.”

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13 thoughts on “Remy Ma Trial: Convicted, TI Trial: Pleads Guilty-UPDATE SEE VIDEO

  1. it’s a dar gon shame that people can’t leave the hood alone. people when you make it out the hood stay out!!!!! He got all that money and fame and still felt like he had something to prove. Don’t try to show the world you can change now, because you got caught. Now ask yourself people would he be still dealing weapons if he had’nt got caught?

  2. Hey a mans got to buy whata man has to buy. i would have to say to all of yall to mind your own business and let him do what hes got to do. I plead you innocent T.I

  3. Hey just wanted to say that no matter what i will always love t.i over the whole world. I love you baby clifford. When the worlds not there for you i will always be….

  4. That nigga has got to be the dumbest criminal. Dummi of the south. What does he need M-16’s & AK-47 for. MLK would role over in his grave if he knew that this guy took the freedoms he stood for and did what he did when there was no need. He is not a true thug. Idiot? Oh yeah he is an idiot. plus.. Any one with any gun knowledge knows you buy a late model AR-15 semi-auto and get a hillbilly machinist to modify it for you….

  5. wats everybody mad at the South for? Nigga made a mistake and he gonna pay his dues … dat however dnt take way the fact dat he a good rapper. Just wanna say to Tiny “its okay tommorow will be a better day”

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