Henchman Calls For Philips Head


The chips are starting to fall all over the place now that the LA Times has retracted their damaging story tying Diddy & Jimmy Henchman to the ambush that resulted in Tupac getting shot at Manhattan’s Quad Studio. Even though Chuck Philips has issued an apology Jimmy Henchman is calling for his head and Diddy is considering suing the Times. Check out the excerpt from an interview conducted with MTV’s Sway where Henchman lays his case out:

“I lived with the rumor of what happened to Tupac for the last 14 years,” Rosemond said Thursday afternoon. “And rumors are rumors — either you believe them or you don’t — but when you have a reputable newspaper like the Los Angeles Times with a Pulitzer Prize winner like Chuck Philips to validate a rumor, then it becomes real. It becomes real in your life, real to the people around you. When you Google me, this affects me regardless, forever. I could always rebut a rumor, but this is something that’s well more damaging. And I think Chuck Philips had no regards to my reputation, for myself as a businessman, myself as a father, a family man, somebody’s son. And I think he did irreparable damage to my career, my reputation and everything else. I don’t think there is no other reward for me or my family that he can do. An apology isn’t going to do it. There has to be some form of reprimand in the sense of his job. He needs to lose his job.”

CLICK HERE for the rest of the story.

4 thoughts on “Henchman Calls For Philips Head

  1. fuck you , you piece of shit. the rap game isn’t bussiness its a bunch of strret bullies, instead of being corporate bullies. anything u order someone to do make sure you can do it yourself and understand the ramifications pussy.

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