Max B Latest Rapper To Be Shot?


According to Miss Info word is that ex-Dipset/Byrd Gang member Max B was shot on Wednesday in a botched robbery attempt in Long Island. Supposedly he was shot twice, treated for his wounds then he signed himself out of the hospital a la Tupac-Makaveli style, living up to his Bigavelli moniker. Although details are sketchy Info is saying she recieved a call from a women claiming to be Max B’s publicist and she varified that he was home healing, even though she described his condition as critical. Earlier Wednesday, another Arthur Kill alumni was murdered on the streets of Brooklyn, when a single shot took the life of aspiring rapper Cavlar. Could somebody tell KRS-One he needs to rush that Self Construction project ASAP!

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5 thoughts on “Max B Latest Rapper To Be Shot?

  1. Jim got Stack Killed now he trying to kill Max B.Damn! Jim Jones is the Suge Knight of the East Coast.I want 2 steal all his skull jewlery,and cut off his braids.He ain’t shit without Stack Bundles or Max B. In the end everybody get what they deserve. Riot Squad all day.

  2. please people why can’t we strive to be better people in our lives ? pepole with money doing broke people shit and the ones out there that write silly shit you could get popped too. now I am 47 years old and I like rap but if people knew who I was they would be like oh shit old og from hempostead I know shit

  3. Max B is a good dude, pap had beef with max and he was kool with Cavlar, he’s connected right now to two incidents.. Everybody knows Murda got Cavlar popped shit.. People say the dudes that did it, popped him outta alligeince.. I send my condolences but hip hop needs some bloodshed every 5 to 10 years, its healthy..the whack rappers that have no positivity at all in their bones get washed up and we all learn from it..

  4. its a big big rumor saying that it was max-b that got killed in brooklyn. its also said that papoose might have something to do wit bigavelli getting popped. idk. but that need to be aired out if it aint true.

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