Soulja Boy Supermans To Top of Forbes List

Forbe’s Magazine just released their forecast on the brightest 10 New Stars on the horizon and you guessed it, the web assisted phenom known as Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em was at the top of this chart also. Forbe Magazine took note that Soulja Boy utilized the new platform of marketing music via the web to garner a hit that exploded on radio, the “old-way” of doing things. It is understood that the next megastar is going to have to brilliantly synergize both platforms to transcend what is being seen as a diminishing music industry. Sean Kingston came in second, cited for his monstrous summer hit “Beautiful Girls” which garnerned Kingston a spot in America’s living rooms by appealing to Grandmothers and Grandchildren alike. Wanna see whoelse made the cut? Well ya gotta CLICK HERE!

2 thoughts on “Soulja Boy Supermans To Top of Forbes List

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