Dude of The Week:Sinbad


This is a new section we are starting on Street Knowledge. Dude of the week! We will profile somebody in the news that deserves to be highlighted for his contribution to pop culture and its ever changing landscape. This can be for the good of the world or the bad. But impactful nonetheless.

This week is Sinbad. He gets the award for calling out Hillary Clinton for lieing about her experience in Bosnia.
Full story here

3 thoughts on “Dude of The Week:Sinbad

  1. I pretty sure I heard Sinbad on a late night talk show back when this trip actually took place (1996) and he said then that there wasn’t any gun fire and that he didn’t know what Hillary was talking about. Two kudos for you Sinbad, for busting her lying azz.

    Maybe Bill didn’t inhale but Hillary must be smoking that bad stuff. I have said it from the beginning and not just in blogs, Hillary doesn’t have any experience just hallucinations.

    Maybe Barack can go a Vacation to Bosnia at the governments expence one day.

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