Straight-To-DVD Is the New Hustle In Town


Note to all the aspiring rappers turned actors, there is a lane for you! Hollywood’s burgeoning Straight-To- DVD market is being recognized and no longer criticized as an underclass but rather a necessary evil. With the success of Black Hollywood’s highest grossing films (Tyler Perry), a secondary class has sprung up in its wake, a class that mimmicks the exploits of Blaxploitation flicks from the 70’s. This system is dominated by former A-listers like Wesley Snipes who routinely turns out Straight-To-DVD’s.

The studios openly acknowledge that they know once a theatrical release targeted to black audiences hit the DVD market it makes a healthy amount of cash, so to cut their costs they opt to go Straight-To-DVD. Blockbuster has become the preferred “theater near you” when it comes to Black cinema. Like the overcrowded “Chic-Lit” market, an astonishing number of Straight-To-DVD’s movies are being produced, indicating that there is a market for this cookie cutter product.

The themes are generally the same, as are some of the actors but it remains to be seen whether their will be a break in the monotony. In the meantime, next time you’re down at the local Blockbuster or online checking out Netflix, remember to snatch up one of those S-DVD’s, you may be creating the next job for your favorite rapper turned B-actor. CLICK HERE for full story.

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