Wyclef Asks Haitians to Give Up Kidnappings & Crimes

Source: AP

Haiti-born hip-hop producer Wyclef Jean speaks to the media as he holds his daughter Angelina Claudinelle after their arrival at the International Airport in Port-au-Prince December 14, 2007. i.

REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz

Goodwill ambassador Wyclef Jean asked his fellow Haitian bretheren to give up crime and to work for a better future for their native country of Haiti. Jean, an international music star has tremendous respect in the country and his influence is being looked at as a force for good to help the Americas poorest country.

“If you love Wyclef, that means you love Haiti. So you should not be raping women, kidnapping people and children, because there can be no excuse for doing so,” Jean said in Creole in a short ad run several times a day by local stations in Haiti.

Full story here

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