DEA Show Premiers on Spike, Produced By Al Roker


DEA is a new reality show that will bring you INSIDE THE DRUG WAR from current murder capital Detroit.
Produced by happy go lucky Al Roker of Today show fame, who would have thought that a show about drugs, guns, and murder would come from the modern day potato head. Should be interesting..

Watch the 10 minute teaser here

Spike TV’s DEA Episode Three – First Act

Update: This show is definetly pro-police but the trailer was good and showed how much the DEA rely on snitches to make cases and should make any potential drug dealers re-think their career choice.

18 thoughts on “DEA Show Premiers on Spike, Produced By Al Roker

  1. I can’t watch 2 minutes of this trash. I root for the drug dealers to kill these brainwashed faggots. These juiced out fake tough guys (yes juice is illegal and they surely steal any they find in the process of their terror raids) terrorize citizens merely making financial transactions. This just shows how failed the system is and how easily moronic idiots can be indoctrinated to believe its righteous.

  2. I have never seen a show that depicts a agency that is so sloppy with it’s procedures. How can they hold suspects over 2 hours without placing them under arrest. Hell some episodes they held suspects for days looking for drugs. Then all of a sudden the camera man and a agent shows drugs popping out everywhere. The last episode that I watched, the agent had a better nose than two drug dogs? Really??? Word!!! BullS**t! If the tapes where used in court there would just be a bunch of pissed off agents.

  3. Oh quick note.. just because someone’s in law enforcement does not mean that they enforce or obey the law. The only difference between citizen and enforcment is a uniform and badge and the value one puts on them.

    P.S. Alchol is a drug and you basterds murdered for it, pot heads dont need pot that bad 😛

  4. I watched 1 episode. It started with a crack head being busted for 10 crack rocks. Offering to let her go if she cooperated in helping bust her crack dealer. She didn’t like this so she offered up a small time pot dealer instead. The DEA out foxed by the crack heads fondness for crack, decide to take the deal before they had nothing. So the crack head goes free for a small time pot dealer who leads to a pot selling spot(grams and slightly larger bags). Problem is that the kids closed shop when they saw the DEA. Oh yeah they hung on the porch of a deli(the pot kids). So the DEA starts pulling people offer at RANDOM and searching food and cars(while laughing about destroying these poor peoples dinners). They finally got some guy who had a bogus perception to give up a pot dealer. They guy does but ends up blowing them off the next day. So they fake that they are a delivery service with a box grabbed off the road and nock on the door. The DEA agent says i smell pot as the door opens he they then storm the house. Some guy has a bong on the table and a little weed. With no warrant they start tearing his place apart, break a locked safe, and cut carpet up to get at the floor boards.

    The problem I have is that its been more than 48 hours now. That damn crack den has been open the whole time. Plus the creative on the job changes to law and privacy rights….wait patriot act maybe that’s how the goon squad acts now.

  5. I enjoy the show. My only complaint is the backround music was loud and it was difficult to hear what was being said. Thank you. Nancy Landry

  6. Wow! I cannot believe the negativity over one show. Easy to criticize or make rash judgements when you have never been in Law enforcement. Everyone is entitled to their opinion,but how about a positive one. Its about the show DEA war on drugs. This blog is turning into who is the biggest idiot. Everyone has a stance on DRUGS, you don’t need to take them to have a stance on it. I hope no one is making fun of you at your job, because you are mindless dumb P@##* or a FA**&^S.

  7. Wow.Such small brains.First of all,anytime you inhale smoke it is a carcinogen.It doesn’t matter if it’s from a campfire,cigarettes or pot.It is all bad for you.Second,Detroit is a mostly black city.Third,In order to be a D.E.A. Agent you need prior law enforcement experience and a four-year degree so I doubt they have a sub 70 I.Q. Your just pissed because you got caught because YOUR stupid.I don’t care if people smoke pot,but do it at home,stop calling it medicine and find something else to focus all of your time on.The thing about potheads is that they never have anything better to do or talk about.Go tie die something.Or better yet,get a fucking job!

  8. I hope the whole show fails miserably just like the war on marijuana. Throwing money down a hole. If the states would be allowed to decide how to regulate and tax that shit maybe our economic outlook would be a little brighter and the DEA could spend more time chasing real drug dealers. If you have an hour to blow, rather than waste it on a DEA version of COPS, CBS has put together a wonderful documentary called MARIJUANA INC. It examines americas growing pot industry from a number of angles. Very facinating and informative.

  9. hey fuck heads i have smoked bud since i was 15 and i am now 18. I have been arrested once, i have seen a girl get arrested for a bong and bud. Right outside of the 7/11 ware my buddy was buying ciggs. Tobacco is the most fucked up plant in the world. Marijuana has medical uses for over 200 conditions. You are a fucking moron if you think this should still be illegal i know many people who have smoked and i have seen them dissapear into the sunset only because of prohibition. We are scattered, we are alone and we are tired of being pursecuted, you are asking one of those 800,000 arrestees like myself to shank one of you fuck heads.


  10. How amusing that people believe that marijuana is the only illegal drug that they target. It doesn’t matter what race the majority of the population of marijuana growers/users are. They stop at the city limits of Detroit. You can’t make a possible estimate of the percentage of races in Detroit based on your half asses attempts to sound intellectual.

    Perhaps you have to watch a child get hit by a stray bullet from a drug deal near a drug house in order to see that it doesn’t matter WHAT color the person is, wrong is wrong.

    Then again, maybe I’m just one of those mindless sheep who think it’s okay to be able to sleep at night knowing there are less illegally purchased guns and drugs on the streets.

  11. The agents are a pure example of the ignorant, mindless sheeple(the ones who just follow the one in front them) that fuck up the world even more. I actually pitty those men, they have to close their eyes at night. Its too bad these people reproduce.This show just reminds us of how much control we don’t have. So sad to think these ignorant meat heads can determine our lives. All I can say to them is that karmas a bitch, assholes.

  12. Al Roker is a black man who made a show that depicts minorities as monsters who deal drugs to innocent children. He obviously has no shame that he is perpetuating the cycle of hate and violence by promoting this garbage. The majority of drug users in our country are white but we don’t focus on that in our country. If we want to end drug use in our country we need strong families and schools and a proper education regarding drugs. We don’t need DARE to scare and lie to our children about drugs. I just watched the episode called “Marijuana Grow House”, which depicts a black male as a marijuana king pin. Any educated person can get on the internet and look at a marijuana grow forum sand see that white males are the vast majority of indoor marijuana growers and users. Marijuana is an herb and we can’t use it because the alcohol, pharmacutical, and textile companies lobby to keep it illegal because it is superior to their products and is competition.

  13. Bob James >> “These 70 IQ cops…”

    I think you meant “These sub 70 IQ cops…”

    Hey Jay,

    Are you clairvoyant or something…?

  14. Wow, John Carrington and Bob James, both of you bitches need to be in jail. If you two faggots are so tough, why not list your address on this site, we’ll see how fucking tough you little faggots are. That’s right, you won’t becuase you two are fucking faggot ass pussies.

  15. Both the men and women who do this particular kind of work lead very differnet lives than the people who wish them dead (as noted above) or beleive that the agents/officers are leading meaningless lives. Many people would do unthinkable things to save their own skin. The object of the game is to not put yourself in that position. If the people dipicted in the show have an IQ of 70, then they are clearly arresting/catching people far less intelligent then themselves which is a good thing as most of them are carring firearms and alwys scared someone is out to get them. Something tells me if you were to see the invironment where the agents/officers live verses the places where search warrents are conducted, you’ll see the disgusting conditions people ALONG WITH THEIR CHILDERN live. All in the name of possessing/having/needing/wanting/selling drugs. DEA is a federal agency not a state agency. I would love for the show to highlight a day in the life of a kid living in a home that doubles as a meth lab. Now there’s a high IQ for you!!!

  16. This show shows how pathetic and failing the drug war really is. These 70 IQ cops are so indoctrinated. They feel they are doing something meaningful. The only they they are doing is perpetuating crime and causing more violence. I hope I get to see one of them die this season.

  17. These DEA scum bags are nothing more than state sponsored terrorism. These fags think they are so tough, if the tables were reversed these pussies would rat out their fellow cops and suck a cock to save their skins.

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