Kanye Launches Online Travel Agency


[via HipHopDX]

Kanye West has tried his hand at producing, rapping, fashion design and blogging. Now he will attempt to add travel agent to the list. This week marks the launch of KanyeTravel.com, a travel site which maintains partnerships with other online travel agencies to offer low-priced airfares, hotels and rental cars. The site charges no service or membership fees, and also plans to offer travel packages which include Kanye West concert tickets and officially licensed merchandise.
“We did a lot of due diligence with online travel partners,” says Miki Woodard, president of West Brands. Woodard tells Adage that Travelocity will be an online partner along with a major wireless carrier and an automaker that will be announced later.
West’s camp believes his resources and international fan base will allow him to succeed where other celebrity travel programs have failed. The long list of companies eager to for cross-promotional deals which give them the potential to advertise to millions of West’s fans, will likely create new sponsorships in the weeks leading up to the April 16 launch of his Glow In the Dark tour. The debut of the site also coincides with the release of single and video “Homecoming,” [available HERE] in which West rhymes about being homesick and traveling back to his native Chicago.

Editor’s Note: The deals on this site are off the rictor but its funny how he has a listing of the “Best Places On Earth” and ain’t none of them in Africa (not even Egypt?) or even Brazil. Mostly Euro destinations, but hey thats Ye’ for ya!

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