“My Jay Electronica Theory”-Editorial


If what they say is true and all press is good press, then Jay Electronica is off to a beautiful start this week. With a lackluster performance he was able to achieve what he wouldn’t have received had he tore the venue down. If you haven’t heard by now the much anticipated performance by one of the “perceived” Saviors of Hip Hop, the N.O.’s own Jay Electronica, fizzled out in front of a crowd of hundreds at the Nokia Theater, opening up for Mos Def.

Some chalk it up to the beginner’s curse (some of the greats sucked their first time out) while others are saying the rookie MC bit off more than he can chew. A venue the size of the Nokia in the middle of Times Square was no place for an MC to begin his Campaign, maybe his inauguration but not the launch of his career. He was held down by two titans; Just Blaze on the wheels and Erykah Badu on vocals for his single, I was there and I happen to disagree.

It could’ve been pulled off but the lil homey fell short due to what, I don’t know. I was gonna refrain from blogging about the concert until i spoke to Supa Nova (the hype man with the much discussed oversize jewels) or secured a response from Jay himself but I seen them slaughtering him on the boards and I realized dude achieved through mediocrity what some artist aren’t able to secure with budgets- publicity (free nonetheless) notoriety (everyone knows his name now) anticipation (he WILL pull a decent crowd know that he’s been crucified,
everyone wants to see if he’ll resurrect himself) and a buzz (rappers literally kill for it). We remain to see. The fact remains that not only will more people know his name but his music is gonna be downloaded heavily so everyone can see what the hype is about. So we remain to see what his Act III will be. STAY TUNED

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