Ted Turner Calls Iraqis Insurgents “Patriots” Will the Media Crucify Him? Editorial


Now that the outspoken Ted Turner (Mr. CNN) has gone on record and called Iraqi insurgents “patriots” lets see how long it will take for the Media Machine to bash and label him as un-American a la Reverend Wright. While the debate about race lingers on, one of the most missed points of the argument is that Reverend Wright repeated what was said by an ex-US Ambassador and you guessed it, he’s a “white” man. So is it that you can only voice displeasure with American policy if you are a member of the privileged elite, or Caucasian? While visiting Charlie Rose’s PBS show on April’s Fool, all jokes aside, Turner stated his case for slashing our $500 Billion Military budget which he pointed out is the most expensive on the planet but unqualified to beat the under-supplied, under-trained Iraqi insurgents and before them the rag tag fighters of Vietnam. He then stated they were patriots who don’t like Americans invading their country and “if the Iraqis were in Washington, D.C., we’d be doing the same thing.” He also warned against being complacent when it comes to global warning, which he said will lead to a dire reality in a few decades, making “cannibals” out of the survivors of this impending catastrophe.
Will the very cable networks that act as the staging ground for propaganda warfare let one of their own off?

CLICK HERE for more on this story as well as footage.

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