The World’s Smallest HD Camcorder


[Source: Engadget]

Wait, hold the press. Before you go over to Kanye‘s travel site to book your next trip and before you plunk down a few stacks for the fruity colored Louie luggage you got to snatch up Sony’s latest innovation; the world’s smallest HD camcorder, the HandyCam HDR-TG1. The joint got 8GB’s of memory and a 10x Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar zoom lens. The best part of the equation, its only $900!

CLICK HERE for the full rundown.

3 thoughts on “The World’s Smallest HD Camcorder

  1. That is pretty cool, But i just found a USB adapted system that lets you recieve, record, save and burn any show or movie from your local hdtv channels over the air (local channels). I will let you know how it works out when i get the thing (just ordered it) and you may be able to write a review of it.

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