University Teaches How To Grow Weed


No! This is not another April Fools post.
It seems that across the country in Oakland, Ca there are Universities that are teaching students over a two day period, how to grow and maintain marijuana. The class seems to be a reaction to marijuana being legalized in California for medicinal use.

For $200 and the cost of two required textbooks, students learn how to cultivate and cook with cannabis, study which strains of pot are best for certain ailments, and are instructed in the legalities of a business that is against the law in the eyes of the federal government.

The only prerequisite for the course is a Politics/Legal Issues 101 class.

My basic idea is to try to professionalize the industry and have it taken seriously as a real industry, just like beer and distilling hard alcohol,” said Richard Lee, 45, an activist and pot-dispensary owner who founded the school in a downtown storefront last fall.

Full cloud of smoke here

210 thoughts on “University Teaches How To Grow Weed

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  7. the only reaon weed is illigal is because the goverment cant fucking tax it and they only give a shit about money and anyways can sum1 that has any weed seeds email me at am intrested in buyin

  8. you know, i took the time to read this whole forum and it really surprised me at how mean the close minded people who have never smoked are. i myself have actually looked through many studies into the marijuana plant in full detail. the fact is anything in an excessive amount can be bad for you, but from personal experience pot is the least harmful thing i have ever done. i’ve eaten it, i’ve rolled a joint, i’ve hit a bong, smoked from a pipe, vaporized, etc. besides a little extra flem build up in the esophagus lining, i’ve never had any other problems, in fact me acne goes away, i lose a little extra fat(not because i don’t work out, i used to swim at least 3 hours a day during competition season, weight lift and work out for 2 hours a day, take protein shakes to bulk, and biked for at least 45 minutes a day), and i’m a lot more relaxed. i’m in college and when i’m not working on java programming, dc physics–and other complicated systems–, i’m drinking coffee, playing one of the several instruments i have learned, playing a game of chess, or on the occasion getting a little high. and you know what? i’m a perfectly happy person.

    now on to the facts about pot (politically correct name is either marijuana, or cannibus). truth about it: fact, cannibus smoke is harmful to lungs, but in a very minimal amount compared to anything else out there that can be smoked. fact, THC is what gets you ‘high’, the other things within the plant called cannibunoids are what get you ‘stoned’. there are 2 different blends that can be obtained: sativa(which will give you a body high) and indica(which gives you the mental high). there is never just one of these in a type, it’s a ratio of one to the other. therefore, if you like to get really high, find one with more sativa, if you wanna get stoned, get the indica.

    personal opinion on the decriminalization and legalization of marijuana. i think it should be sold like alcohol(you must be 21 to buy it, not that you can’t get a hold of it either way just like alcohol so don’t complain about this idea) and then tax it like cigarettes. there we go.

    thank you,


    Baked in Alaska

  9. Fucking right, all these kids are like, weed is the worst for you and shit like that, it’s like not even as bad as cigs.. govm’t lets us smoke cigs, why not joints? cmon obama, come sit down and ill split a bowl with you, we can watch the news or something, we’ll laugh our asses off!

  10. weed is the best thing ever. its the eaiest way to make money and solves the most prombles 4 me. honestly i belive most of the people in america are starting to smoke weed and to have a class on how to grow it is the best thing to have. this generation is the best one yet. “SMOKE EVERY DAY”

  11. its not that weed has became less safe its just weve became better at growing it and breeding it the strains are much more potent, obviously theres going to be the couple assholes out there that try and lace theyre pot but as long as you arent buying from randoms you dont really need to worry about it. most people should understand the marijuana isnt for everyone so dont discriminate,it should be enjoyed not abused. legalize it!

  12. Hey Bitches who hate weed .. honestly y u wanna be haters i mean shit Weed is not a bad drug your so much more alert when you smoke Marijuana then when you drink.. Marijuana makes you pay more attention to things around you .. you willnotice every little thing that you normally wouldnt notice if you didnt smoke … so yeah either shut up and get off the site associated with weed , OR SMOKE A FUCKING BOWL OR TWO!!!!

  13. all the people who say smoking is stupid or smoking is bad for you obviously haven tried it bcuz there is virtually no health risks and its fuckin tight as hell and it can help u get a killer 6 packk from how hard u laugh ur ass off hahahhaha GO WEEDD!

  14. Right, everyone here is stupid. Obviously, because doctors tell us otherwise. Marijuana stimulates your brain. It’s proven. Peace out.
    ~I’m baked.


  15. I love marijuana! if it wasnt for marijuana i think i would have killed myself after my 2 brothers and my mom were hit head on by a 18 wheeler 2 months ago.i jus wanted to let you know how marijuana helped me. !peace out!

  16. everyone who smokes weed is stupid. IT IS BAD FOR U dont you get it. theres no nicitine in it so stop

  17. Smoking weed has not been proven to have any health risks besides lung problems from smoking,but thats not very likely unless chemicals are added. Eating weed has NO health risks what so ever and makes you feel amazing so why isnt weed legal?? People are taking the best thing that’s out their (weed) and making it look bad. I hate assholes that come in and try to judge something they have no knowledge or experience on. So for every person that said ” dont smoke weed” or “weed makes you dumb”, seriously go fuck yourself :] hahahaha

    yours truelyy

    T dub

  18. I can’t believe how hateful people can be, whether you’re smoking bud right now or never have before. Although I’ll never pressure someone to smoke with me (more for me, right?), I recommend it to everyone who hasn’t. Smoking opens your mind so that you can stop caring about all the bullshit that doesn’t matter and start understanding life. A lot of people, myself included, live a very stressful existence, but when you’re high, everything stops and you can be as happy as you want. So stop putting it down and being hateful towards people who do it, it’s never going to make you happy if you can’t just let things go. I think the world would be a much more peaceful place if everyone smoked some mj every once in a while.

  19. Did I say drug? I meant plant.

    Also, though I don’t have a religion, I want to point this out to all Bible-bangers worldwide.
    “Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed which is upon the face of all the earth.…To you it will be for meat.” Gen. 1:29-31
    “Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times, some shall … speak lies in hypocrisy … commanding to abstain from meats which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving of them which believe and know the truth.” (Paul: 1 Timothy 4:1-3)
    “Not that which goeth into the mouth defileth a man; that which cometh out of the mouth defileth a man.” (Mat. 15:11)
    God also commands Moses to take over 9 pounds of bud with him in Exodus.

    Shit, I’m baked as a cookie. =D

  20. Okay, a quote from a reply was “marijuana is bad for you and is the worst drug on the planet people who smoke it should die”.

    What the fuck? Okay, my first thought is… Shit I’m stoned. Next is why do you care if it’s bad? shortly afterwards (possibly minutes at this rate baaahahahaa) I wonder why you care if people you want to die consume this drug. I was tripping BALLS at a region-wide band function recently, and apparently I made some people’s day, so fuck you buddy, and your little dog, too!

  21. dude, nooooo wayyyy like um like yo totally like i said, brolike hey naway i was like into it but said um like i dont know lol weed the preferred intelligence booster

  22. I have a question for anyone who wants to reply with a serious answer..I have smoked a lot of bud in the past two years… can you tell me why every now and then i get really paranoid when im stoned… its mainly when im around my friends parents also my girl friends parents

  23. omg , its so awsome knowing i’m not the only one with these toughts . haha we all have the same thoughts because we’re all potheads. and pot doesent make you dumber, if you go into other drugs that arent weed will. and people who dont smoke pot should leave us alone , becaause its there loss :)but no joke , i do better in school now that i tryed pot , and smoke it almost everyday. lolol i love weed 🙂

  24. well, i think they should legalize marijuana. but even if they don’t i will still end up smoking it. its no big deal when it comes to smoking weed. the only effects it has is the munchies, happy, and sleepy. i have smoked with different people around the country and in other countries as well, i have heard smokers and non-smokers perspective and i can understand both. some people like to smoke some don’t. some people smoke cigerettes some smoke weed. (some smoke other sh*t that really f**ks you up) but its all up to that person whether they want to try it or not. different people get different highs, good, bad, or ugly. and to those who have never tried it don’t talk shit about it if you don’t smoke! i’m pretty sure the 1st time you try it you’ll like it! unless you smoke some huff!!


  25. pot kills you don’t do it
    stay away from pot
    pot suck
    listen to your parents stay away
    pot dosn’t only afect you it afects every one around you

  26. ive known people that have wanted 2 kill themselves cuz there life sucked so i introduced them 2 pot and now they cant get enough of life and that person i saved is now in college after graduating with a 4.0 gpa. so fuck all the people who think it is bad cuz it saved my brothers life and hes getting married in 2 weeks so blaze it up and watch ur life get better.

  27. everyone who says that weed is bad have never tried it because everyone who does knows that it isnt bad and look how many people smoke pot if the government was smart they would legalize it cuz guarantee they would make mor money than anything else.

  28. Dude there is nothing wrong with weed it dosent harm ur body at all if the government legalized it guarantee they would make 10 times the money they do now

  29. weed is bad makes ya lips BLACK………………lmao
    but its not good it can KILL yew n u can get lung cancer
    u people jus dnt care WEED HEADS

  30. i fucking love weed it is the best thing ever grown.. fuck the ppl that say its bad casue usually its the people the never tried it..fuck them its great……..TRY IT

  31. Think of it this way. Check out all the alchoholics always depressed feeling like shit. Then check out the pot heads who sit there laughing and feeling fucking great. Yeah pot can fuck you up a bit.. if you smoke fucking shitloads of it and even still some people smoke amazing ammounts and are completely fine. Smoke weed on the weekends instead of drinking, you will have a mad fun time, wont end up throwing up and passing out and waking up with a crazy bad headache youll wake up saying yeah pass the bong and youll be so fucking happy. If you want drink and smoke but remember kids Beer then grass, your on your ass, Grass then beer, your in the clear

  32. i love being high it feels so god dam good like aal you faggets that think smokin it is dumb u all should die

  33. well, as far as i can tell about being smacked or marijuano or pedo or high as people say in english. To be be high is a feeling that you will never forget. well fuck u nigga LMAO redneck bitch, wetpack, homo. I really liked that feeling of being high, nobody says its wrong or right. its a privilege to know when to smoke, or how and when to control it. LMAO SCREW U ALL HAHAHA

  34. Mary j has done nothing but solve all of my problems. It has made me and over all way happier person. People just take it too far, you know it’s a crime so keep it to yourself. Be a successful part of society and smoke pot. And in the words of Bob Marley himself, don’t worry, be happy! stop hating everybody!


  36. weed is bomb shit and you never hear people OD on it so why the fuck you guys bitch about it?

    there is heroin crack and meth you dumb mother fuckers go suck a chode and get sodomized!!!


  37. smoke weed or fucken die with your fucken drug free self so give your body to weed and make the flag because its going to stay for a fucken we’ll!!!! GO POT!

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  39. coke herion pot pillz acid shrooms all of them are the same fukiing thing they are the only thing that keep me moving so all yall none druggies get on uur knees and suk mi dick. hahahahahaha fuking posers

  40. yoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  41. i wake up and pack a bowl nd that is wake and bake, nd then i go make waffles. then b-4 i walk out the door i have some bong tokes. i walk ta school blaze out ma mind nd almost get hit by a bus. when i get to the school i am stopped by the principal nd he knows i am high. so we go to his office and he pulls out an ounce and a blunt rap. after he rolls it i gives me the liberty of lightinng it. so….. i do. then 45 min go by and there is a knock on the door it is the vice principle and she shay, why tha hell can i see smoke in the hallway and it smells like marijuana. so she goes and takes a seat and pulls out a joint. now as u could imagine i am pretty fucked up. so now my mission is to find some food. i walk to the cafateria and get in line to buy 3 pizza sandwich bagels 5 bags of chips 3 milks and a cookie. as im walking to my table i am stopped again by my incredibly stond priciple. he says hey, can i get a cookie. i say sure man here u go. as i hand him the cookie he falls over so i laugh and take the resyt of his ounce and then go bak to the table where i smoke that rest of tha and eat my food. that was my day im stoned hahahaha and i still cant recal tha 1st sentace of this story.ha

  42. i smoke weed on da daily for real cuz aint nothin like dat miami weed or dat miami dro covered in hairs im covered in hoes from head ta toe lol if u aint smokein weed let me tell u WHY DA FUK NOT ?

  43. man weed never killed nobody why dont they just leagalize the shit cuz its not as bad as some people say just try it and u will find out that its not u will most likley like the high.if u dont loke it ok quit fuckin with the people that do.we arent a bunch of assholes some of us are pretty cool.

  44. i got busted for weed, it sucks yeah. all of those overdramatic police officers, and government officials are rediculus. weed has never killed anybody, legalize it.

    -live your life, open your mind.

  45. i smoke and drink. theres nothing wrong with smoking at all. Weed is natural and the only shi that kills people is the laced stuff. I used to be the guy who didnt smoke and “never would” but i did and it was awesome. I smoke quite frequently now. Its not addictive to all the fuck heads who think it is! Try it. If you dont like it then dont do it anymore, if you do keep smoking!!!

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  47. I Be Smoking Weed A Lot, Im Not Exactly Sure Of What The Exact Side Effects Of The Drug Is ,Because Ive Tried A Lot Of Different Kinds But From My Personal experience Some Of The Side Affects That ive Experienced Are Of Course Cotton Mouth, Which Is Where My Mouth Gets Dry And I Have To Get Something To Drink. Also I Get The Munchies I get Really Hungry.Also I Just Chill N Kick Back And Relax Cause It Makes Me Feel Where I Can Relax And Not Be Bothered As Much Actually I Dont Think Its Only My Opinion But It Most Likely Varies On Your Personality Type On How You Act Cause It Can Make You Sometimes Trip Out Or Do Stupid Things And Also It Can Make You Laugh A Lot. Thats Just From My Personal Experience And Of What Ive Noticed Whith Other Different Type Of People

  48. Ok i wont hate on anyone, why cause i have tried greens before. but can someone please be honest an tell what the side effects are? now i smoke cigs an that has been the worst tryin to break the habit. i feel alcohol is the rock over paper. an you can die instantly from an overdose. now cigs take there time, with the over use. ‘meaning if you smoke over five a day. now weed i have not heard of an over dose an yes it can make you lazy but it all depends on the person. i say hey if its your life then do what you please but dont hate. an remember anything addictive is bad

  49. Pretty entertaining board. I’m not going to sit here and tell you to smoke the herb or tell you you’re a “faggot” for putting it down. Everyone has their own vice, whatever it may be. For me, it happens to be smoking the chron. Unfortunately, we live in a world here people so loosely pass judgement upon others. People in modern society try to make connections between the awful shit that’s going on in the world around us and smoking the sensi, which only leads to half of the nonsense which is discussed on this page. To say that smoking marijuana is “disgusting” or “immoral” sends shivers down my spine. Have people really become so ignorant? Do you have any idea what kind of FUCKED UP SHIT goes on in the world today??-I’ll tell you what. Politicians are fucking disgusting. Banks and corporations are fucking disgusting. Go out into any public place this afternoon and you will find that the very people which surround you in your everyday life are fucking disgusting in the way they act, speak, and care for themselves. So don’t call somebody disgusting or useless because they have discovered the miracle of marijuana. It’s probably as close to a religious experience or sense of mental clarity that a person can experience in this day and age, and to deny these incredible effects of the ganja is absurd. Smoke the herb. For the sake of humanity, smoke the herb–and most importantly, pass it on.

  50. im smoked pot plenty of times and im still young, there is nothing wrong with this, its just a damn plant. Although the chemicals in it, tht make you high, can be bad. But what isnt these days? i mean sunscreen is now a days lol. Fuck smoke MaryyJANEEE!

  51. Smoking marijuana is the best thing you can possibly do.
    It should be leagleliized for people with medical diseases such as multiple scrosus. I personaly know some one who has M.S and they say it helps them, so yeah LEGALIZE WEED!!!

    I love the herb…

  52. anyone who says any bad shit about weed is a damn fool ganja has been used for thousands of years in many cultures it shouldnt even be thought of as a drug nothin better than an ire meditation peace out

  53. Weed can be good. I smoked for 10 years but it made me too lazy. Its hard to be social high and it can become a sort of false escape. And besides now I know where i put shit!

  54. this is Cpt. Cannibus speaking!Im 18 years old an been smokin sence i was 11 NO BULLSHIT!!i havent DIED,no one hates me,shit i even smoke with my the matter of fact im high right fucking now!people who dnt smoke are faggets for sayin its bad,stupid,or nasty..its just like sayin u dnt like carrots even though uv never FUCKIN ate them b4!it might be good!AND THERS NOT A GOD DAMN THING WRONG WITH TRIPPIN BALLS EVERY NOW AN THEN SO FUCK YOU!!!

    Its obviously not that bad for you, i always smoke it in the UK and im not exactly dying!
    People who haven’t tried it can’t comment… weed is boss!

  56. as a little extra info cannabis will be leagle in britan as soon as the country hits resestion to fix the economy anyway.

  57. smoking pot is a hell of a lot safer than the poison the goverment tells you is ok, your more likly to go out and make an ideot of you self drinking your self stupid than sat down chillin’ with some good freinds!
    and to the ‘Anonymous’ mini hitla who says that all smokes deserve to die, who died and made you god? your nothing more that an ignorant fool with nothing better to do than tell informed and reponsable people how to live.
    if you dont like it why are you on the site??

    peace out people

  58. realy naw weed isent that bad 4 u its about the same as a cig so stop bitchin about it im 14 and i smoke weed i dont give a fuck and idk wut the us thinks about it im in amsterdam so fuck u!!!!!!!!!!

  59. imma go ahead and share a quote. im sure everyone whose posted, read, reading, and going to post aswell can agree with it.
    “Weed makes everything better. Makes food taste better, makes music sound better. It just makes everything better.”
    – Seth Rogan, Pineapple Express
    ok not a legit quote… but i still agree

    LEGALIZE IT!!!!!

  60. Its nice to see a little thoughtfulness and intellect toward the end of this blog “anonymous canadian” and others. For those of you who want marijuana legalized, try dropping all the uneducated “weed is da bomb dat makes me fly” bull shit and talk like an adult. Government and parents don’t want pot legalized because they see people like you being lazy idiots that don’t care about anything but smoking weed. Do the rest of us who smoke pot a favor and grow up.

  61. hey everyone i just want to let all you people know that havn’t tried it that you have a different, less acurate veiw of what the so called “drug” really is. God put THC on this world for a reason and i think it is super retarded that any God fearing individual would support the illegalization one of his creations.

  62. weed is a good herb. it is not a drug. i smoke it all the time and i always feel better afterwards. it calms me down and makes everything less stressful. leaglelize it.

  63. p.s. to all you ignorant, facist, homophobic, racist, child molesting, self-righteous, pig-headed, aristocratic, bastardizing, commercializing, corpperate assholes, FUCK YOU
    you guys seriously need to calm down, so hit the bong, open a pack of doritos and a can of sprite, turn on the tube, and lean back.

    Oh and fuck security guards/by-law pigs for hating on teenagers (please to dont confuse this with police bashing cause youd be wrong)

  64. i recently read an artical on what would happen if marijuana was legalized. that artical (which was backed by two sstudies, one from harvard the other from princtone) claimed the if marijuana was legalized crime levels would drop by between 15-18%. Which makes sence if you think about it, i mean think of all the weed that is sold. It also claimed that if the American government were to set up a department there would be plenty of people willing to be on the books about thier grow operations. On top of all that the artical also stated that if the government were to put a 10% tax on all sales it would be out of debt in between 5-7 years. Which of course would keep facists and republicans happy because then they would have lots of money to spend on the war machine, that way they could spend less time bitching and complaining about debt and do what the states does best. Making large holes in other peoples small counties.
    For the record im a 15 year old Canadian living in ottawa ontario.

  65. u know dat weed can realy ease ur mind every time i smoke a reefer dat indo high makes me fly.if erbody smoke a blunt, relieve da mind da world could B a Betta place if erbody took a break and we all JUST get waisted. 20dollas all day everyday, come around myway U gone wana stay weed make me hungry, happy n all i can say sure i need sum More. “WEED SONG”

  66. All my life ive been against any kinda somking or drugs, it fucked up my dads life and didnt want mine to be like that, then my freshman year of highschool my bf was smoking with a bunch of his friends and first i didnt like it but then he would start blowin me shotguns or just from being in the room i would get a contact high..finally i decided to actualy take a hit by myself… that was the best day of my life.. everysince then if anything is ever wrong roll one up, pack a bowl, take a hit and eerything is all good lol

  67. weed is the best durg ive evr done. ive done shrooms, coke, and pop alot of pills and i still choose weed over it. yeah the other stuff is good for a while but also fucks up your life. weed on the other hand is a natural herb and should be smoked.

  68. i smoke skunk,and wot, the police cant catch me and by the time they do all my skunk is in my lungs, i think that weed should be legal for many reasons. 1, god put it here for a reason, to be smoked. 2, it helps some people that have problems but you gotta learn not to abuse it. 3, when theres nothing to do you get munted.

  69. growing and smoking could be isolated to the home and use of marijuana would not be consumed or sold in public. only in the home that it is grown in and if anyone can grow it then it’s not a problem to get weed. it wont be on the streets anymore and if you need some weed just go to your friend’s house or you can grow it yourself, the point is that the smokers control the smoke and the dealers will just continue to sell the real drugs.

  70. In the bible it says in Genisis… And God made grass and he learned that it was GOOD!!!
    FUCK neone who thinks weed shouldnt be legalized… i am smarter than 3/4 my class and i am graduating mid term this year… And i smoke weed every day at least a couple blunts a day… GO WEED!

  71. I was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder and generalized anxiety disorder when I was sixteen. I was on meds for six years and then I started smoking, I’m not saying mary jane fixed all my problems, but a few months after I started blazing I was able to get off the does he xanax and the other shit my doc had me taking. Right now I’m detoxing so I can take a drug test for a job I’m trying to get and it sucks because herb really does help me with my shit. I know I could just try one of those potions from the head shop, but I just don’t trust them. Oh well, fuck it, I just wanted to tell all those haters that weed isn’t evil, there’s a reason we have medical here in cali.

  72. Sooooo…. Life story. My parents smoke and they do other shit and well they haven’t been the best parents so anyway I grew up resenting drugs, pot included. Earlier this year I finally gave in and started smoking because my boyfriend smokes and for two years he stopped for me, but he was getting fed up with the situation. Anyway after I got over myself I realised what a douche I had been and how lucky I was that my boyfriend loved me enough to stick with me even though I had been a douche. The conclusion of this little rant: the people who left all the the posts about weed bein evil don’t know what the fuck they’re talkin’ about. Goodnight!

  73. marijuana is what mede our country our for fathers had it taxes on it in 1776 and they could pay up on dept with ganja i see nothing wrong with goin to the moon with a few of your good buds i have studied marijana for years and it benifits more then it hurts the human body sooooo toke up!!!

  74. When a person tells me that I’m a bad person or that I’m a retard because I smoke weed, it makes me want to tear their jaw off. The low, slow, paper-tearing noise of their skin seperating, with a downward motion so as to rend the most flesh from their neck. As the muscles spasm and go slack, the tendons and bones snap and pop over and through eachother. They lay on the ground unconscious with their tongue lolling around their Adam’s Apple, dumb with pain, and I piss down their uncoverable mouth and throat, leaving them to die drowning in my piss and their blood.

  75. im dumn and i smoke weed and i dont giva fuck so fuck you biiiaaautches tht are talkin shit on weed

  76. fuck you pot is good for you do it everyday and you will be happy for da rest of ur life =)

  77. i believe the people who smoke marijuana tend to be the smarter ones. shit this chick here says she got a high gpa and my future high school counselor said that if i was to take the SAT´s now, i would get one of the higher scores.




  81. oooh hell yea thats the shit, and all u hater who say weed is gay is probably because you never treid it. if u dont like fuck you but dont hate=]

  82. THE FACT IS!
    All us who smoke weed have 50 reasons why it should be legal, but all you straight people think it’s a bad drug don’t have any fucking reasons why it should be illegal, you don’t know that the government only uses weed as a way to make more and more money, those greedy bitches. And guess what? If anyone is caught with an ounce or more where they live, all of there possessions and property can be taken away and sold in government auctions. 9% of the governments income each year comes from repossessed pot, and property.

    Anyway i’m gonna go hit the bong.

  83. it’s been a while bitches!!!
    i don’t got much to say
    so ya
    to all yous who is coming to the blog “anonymous”ly
    well now that that’s off my chest
    i will be going now

    Yours truly, lololololololololololololol the pothead

  84. man let me just say that i have been smoking bud for over 6 years now. and I’m only a sophomore in high school. get with the program my GPA is a 3.5 and this its funny to me how people who do not smoke the greatest plant of all time can judge us so much. and for those who put marijuana in the same category as heroin or crack or meth are truly ignorant. you can stop smoking weed anytime you tried. but those big drugs such as those are rehabilitation type of drugs. do not try and put us down because we are free. we only live once so why follow every rule the government lays down? Marijuana does not harm anyone, like some people said it is only when it had been laced or grown improperly does is possibly cause harm. Also, if you grow your own bud i applaud you it can take an extreme amount of effort and patience. i had just wanted to share my thoughts.

  85. LAST POST BY ME!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Damn thing wont let me post my e-mail for hate-mail and fan-mail.


    @ h o t m a i l . c o m

  86. Just to be clear…Yes I do smoke Cannabis. I regulate how much I intake over the coarse of a month and in a controlled environment.

    420 FOREVER!!!

    ps: For all of those who say that weed makes you stupid… It only makes me stupid for about an hour (three tops). after that I’m back to writing musical masterpieces.


  87. Anger, depression, anxiety, pain, and lack of sleep. What do all of these things have in common? Three things:

    1. They all shorten the quality and quantity of ones life.
    2. They can cause some serious health and social issues.
    3. Cannabis can be used as a temporary remedy to correct these problems/issues.

    This plant (when ingested in smoke or vapor) tends to lift ones mood when depressed, or calm you down when angry. It may chill one out when one just cant stay still and just before the “buzz” wheres off it should put one into a nice restful sleep. If one cooks with it (and does it right), one would get all of the above benefits with some funny colors to go with it.

    Cannabis is also a descent painkiller. Especially for those who have to “live” in a hospital for the rest of ones life. Being stuck in a hospital until “they” find a cure isn’t living at all. For most it is depressing and painful. As a result the patients may become anxious or suicidal. The Cannabis plant helps take the pain away which makes there live not so unbearable.
    Cannabis is legal for dieing and suffering patients of all sorts of terminal disease and such.

    Cannabis may kill pain, lift ones mood, and sometimes show you a whole new world… but its not exactly the best thing for your lungs or brain either. It distracts ones brain from the pain by…well… just being there. your body doesn’t know what it is and sets *destroying it* as your body’s new highest priority. Thats the reason why some people loose their balance or studder. or even slow down considerably.

    In short, its kind of like alcohol… but without the liver damage and other problems.

    Heres the part you have probably been waiting for… My Conclusion:

    To toke or not to toke? I say…
    -Please toke responsibly-

  88. why the hell wont people legalize marijuana, cigarettes are legal and so is alcohol, both are worse than pot. I’m not saying pot is good for you but I think you should be the one to choose what you want to do with your life. Dude wtf (loner 2 boxes above me) I have enough money I know what I will do with my life, my parents love me and I smoke pot, but all you do is be by your self at home writing about stuff you don’t have a fucking clue about.

  89. weed sux so fuk every one of u. all ur parents hate u. u have friends that dont do sht with their lives. just like u

  90. if u smoke weed ur a fking dumbass. All weed smokers or any smokers dont deserve anything in life

  91. im from l.a an i think that teacher that came up with the idea for that class is very samrt, plus being a brother from da hood its a good way to lean how to do that an not get into any type of trouble good job mr/miss, now my only question is how do i sign up for the class an wut do i have to do to get in to the school?

  92. Pappa Smoke, go fuck yourself you fucking loser. wow you smoke weed. wellso do everyone else. you go to your biology classes. and when ur there ill be wit your momma you fucking faget

  93. There is millions of reasons why it should be legalized and only one reason why it shouldent be legalized and that is because the government sayd so!

    so the next time you want to talk shit, GET YOURE FUCKING FACTS RIGHT!

  94. Its me again, PAPPA SMOKE.


    Marijuana became illigal not because it was a danger to the mind and body. No, the real reason is that big bussiness wants us to use to use petrochemicals and fossil fuels. They have little intrest in NATURAL solutions. THEY have suppressed the truth concerning cannabis and purposely created the”menace of merijuana”.’WHY’ So they remain high profiteers while destroying our invironment in the process. They pay billions a month on making fuel from oil and extracting that oil from the earth, thats why fuel is so expensive!

    Hemp used properly for all of its INDUSTRIAL purposes, as it was always meant to be utilized, could SAVE THE WORLD! we need not cut down another tree. We need not have to rely on oil companies anymore!

    There is a book written by Doug Yurchey, Marijuana Conspiracy – the Sequel! go to a library and reed it, i promise youlle be stunned in youre chair!

    O and who of you knew that Hendry Ford’s First vehicle, the T-Bird, was totally made from hemp, from tyres to enjin! its first driving test out was on hemp Petroluem and hemp oil! When the publishing of the advertisment was made, the picture was Hendry Ford standing infront off a hemp plantation with his car growing from the ground in between the weed plants!

  95. Whats up 2 all my dope headed buddys! I Raed allot of youre storys, and FUCK ME MAN! You quere sons of bitches, alcoholic abusers, fuck youre own sisters when you drunk, thats got allot of time to waste calling dope heads gay, let me tell you something, atleast we can remember what we did last night after a good smoking session, atleast we dont beat up each other when smoking, we get lovible, we laugh, we can even talk to each other with out fighting. When one smoker first meet another smoker, whats the first thing that comes up, PEACE PIPE!!!!!!!!!! when a person that uses alcohol first meet someone else they are bound to fuck each other up, hehehehehehe YOU FUCKING IDIOTS! Im bussy studying my Phd in Biology at the University of Pretoria, South Africa! im actually getting stoned before class, between classes, after classes, actually in everything i do im stoned!
    Im a stoner for life, thats one of my biggest reasons im studying Biology, to design and produce some of the most greatest shit youle ever smoke!

    So all you sobing non-dope heads( Last night i fucked youre MAMMA, tonight we smoking da dutch staff YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA)


  96. i go to this school its called oaksterdam university, there are a few cafes in oaksterdam as well. that are “medicinal” dispenseries. and were tryin to pass a new law that itshould be adult responsible usable as well.

  97. I love weed. It’s safer than alcohol and every other drug out there (as in cocaine, heroin, XTC etc….).

    Yea yea it’s a mind altering drug, blah fucking blah. That’s what gets you high!!! I LOVE WEED. I wish it was legalized in England ….

  98. u kno wat?if u dont wanna smoke the bud…then leave us alone and get the fuck off this site..and if your so against us getting a high, then fuck u…i have no respect for someone who has no respect for me…so i smoke pot and u dont…get over it u fukin muff divers…ill live my life how i want and u live yours the way u want, but quit naggin on us..and i agree with every person that said if u’ve never tried it then how do u kno its so bad??thats wat i thought..u kno take a hit and get it over aint gonna kill u..ya ive been busted with some mary jane in my system and i had 6 months probation..i got off and can u guess wat the first thing i did was??FUCK YA I HIT MY PIPE!!SO FUCK ALL U HATERS WHO KNO NOTHING ABOUT THE DRUG!!

  99. ive heard that too. Alot of older people now tell me that marijuana used to be a lot safer. and that its not now because its being mixed with with so much other shit. i dont know. i say do what you do. you only have one time to live. enjoy it.

  100. weed helps me when im feelin down or depressed n everybody who doesnt do it cant say its the worst drug cause crack is way worst n i think pot should be legal n if u dont want to do it u dont hav to so leave the pot smokers alone

  101. im stoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooneddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd wid urrr mum in beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

  102. Guys.. You either smoke or you dont. No reason to get all shitty. Just because you dont do pot doesnt make u better or us worse. If someone liked drawing and you didnt would you call them dumb and stupid for doing it? No. This is the same. Its something we like doing. Please get over yourselves because I bet oneday your going to find yourself doing it.

  103. did u guys know marijuana is mentioned in the bible as the “holy herb” and it is meant to be consumed as a meat (alot). kinda wierd…if pot is so horribly evil like some sumbass people are making it seem.

  104. weed is the shit the only way to ease my pain n forget about every problem in this fucking world…lol…….mary is my wife n i’ma die wit her….

  105. has any 1 here seen fear n loathing in las vegas? See it! its awsome! itll explain everything for u!

  106. Being a dumbass is more unhealthy than smoking weed. Think about how many people have died by doing something stupid as opposed to just getting high. So all you people saying weed is the worst drug and is evil and all that shit you’ll end up sneezing while walking down the stairs backwards and falling over and breaking your neck, or from some other stupid things you guys who are “high on life” do to try and have one tenth the fun I’m having just smokin’ a lil dope. I’m not saying everybody in the world should and if you don’t then you’re dumb or anything I’m just saying people dumb enough to criticize it even though they’ve never tried it should find the nearest cliff and dive off of it.

  107. to the whiny bitches above, man o man wtf! (this might be messed up im typing on a PSP) why do u peeps gotta crash our party? i was here enjoying this bit of news on my fav type of tree when i see deez little babys crying (yes you!) about how deez poor miseducated folks don gone crazy, an you think its your responsibility to set ’em straight! real talk son. ya see we got some problems. 1. whatr yall doin on a page associated with weed if yalls against it?

  108. for all of you who think weed is the worst drug, your fuckin wrong. hey have ya ever heard of crack? weed isnt bad, have ya ever tried no, so shut your mouths, cause you dont know what your talkin about.

  109. mary jane is the most beutiful thing nd its gay how all these people think its so baddd !!!!!!!!!
    but i dont care what they think toke it and smoke it bitchesss try dat shit ull probbb deff fall in love with it nd if ur feelen down juss take a puff come on it will make u feel wayyy calmerrr!!!!!!!!!!!

  110. nice miike.
    I hate to break it to you but i’m sure the government won’t read this blog lol. but you have some good thoughts and i think you’d make a good pro-weed activist. don’t stop the fight for the right to smoke pot! but personaly i don’t care if it’s legal or not. i mean it would be sick if it was legal, but i do it anyway.

    Yours truly, lololololololololololololol the pothead

  111. dude theres nothing wrong with smoking bud and the government could tax it but they dont know how they could do it they could tax it like cigerettes and like seeds they could tax them like gardening seeds and shit just think about it its not that hard to come up with shit like that but smoking bud isnt wrong and shouldnt be a crime only becuz your more dangerous when you drink and you cant drink yourself sober but you can smoke yourself sober so thers no such thing as smoking to much bud and the only way you can die from smoking is if you smoke your weight in one hour im sorry its imposable i’ve tried i didnt even get 2 pounds down in an hour so ya it cant hurt you and yes i have friends who smoke bud and i have alot of friends who wont even go near bud and i have friends who drink theres nothing wrong with ppl who drink smoke and dont smoke i dont put smokers and drinker above ppl who dont smoke cuz we’re all the same we just make different choices thats it so its up to you smoke weed or drink or just dont and your still fine just stop bagging on ppl who smoke and dont and ppl who drink

  112. I do smoke weed. That’s good stuff.
    On that note, let me get my point across.
    No body will ever force you to do anything that you don’t want to do. However, I HIGHly suggest you try it. I emphasised the HIGH in highly, for what I believe to be are obvious reasons.

    Yours truly, lololololololololololololol the pothead

  113. All potheads think they are smart….but check out the spelling and language in their messages! Also, a high GPA doesn’t mean you have COMMOM SENSE and aren’t an idiot for messing with mind altering drugs. Why do you need them? Life can be a blast without them…..try it sometime IF you can stop using long enough! The chick who gets pot for free? In exchange for what services?

  114. shit bro weed is amazing and its even better when ur a girl and get it for free.. lol don’t say shit if u haven’t tried it dude like the past few nights have been the most entertaining and exiting and I’ve been pretty bashed both times. like and I have an amazing gpa so don’t b like ur dumb if u smoke cause I am pretty far from dumb dude.. I respect u if u don’t smoke and if u doo light tht shit up!!!!

  115. bud is the best. I dont know why they don’t just legalize it cuz its not doin any more harm to your body than alcohol does to your brain. So fuck everyone who thinks that people who smoke weed are lowlifes, cuz it doesn’t change you at all. LEGALIZE BUD MOTHER FUCKERS!!

  116. seriously Weed is gay, you have obviously never tried pot so down bash on it. i hate ignorant people like you who believe everything the teachers told you about weed killing people and shit. i got news, weed hasnt killed shit. its when people lace it with ice that shit hits the fan. and as for the worst drug, i cant even believe you are saying its in the same ballpark as meth or coke. such a dumbass.

  117. marijuana is bad for you and is the worst drug on the planet people who smoke it should die

  118. marijuana is bad for you and is the worst drug on the planet people who smoke it should die

  119. there is nothin wrong with smoking or growing marijuana. there are people who smoke and people who dont. u hav 2 respect both of them. i hate when people who hav never tried smokin put down others that do. its wrong. u think what u want about me but u cant say nothin if u never tried it cause u dont know what its like. try it someday, u only liv once, why not right?

  120. would be in oakland lol j/k, but i should have read this article b4 i started commenting, but i never do… that’s my downfall, but yea…my sci teacher, in h.s., was telling us that nothing is wrong w/ freshly grown weed, it’s when people start mixin unknown stuff in it that f’cks people up… she may have been a weedhead

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