California Prisons Exploding With Violence

overcrowded prisons have been unraveling at the seams and a new wave of violence this week has prompted Governor Schwarzenegger to push for more immediate prison reform. As we reported yesterday (CLICK HERE) California has proposed to release upwards to 20,000 inmates earlier than designated to relieve some of the swelling in the system that is only designed for 100,000 inmates but is currently housing 170,000 in its 33 prisons. On Thursday two inmates attacked guards at the California Correctional Institute and on Friday a mini-riot broke out between ethnic groups at Chino, in an ovecrowded dormitory.

“This is the beginning of the long, hot summer,” said Gloria Romero, one of the Legislature’s experts on prison reform. “It does take, sadly and unfortunately, something like this to snap people’s necks around to say these are the consequences of overcrowding.”

Even though the Governor is opposing a federally mandated population cap he has declared state emergencies to transfer prisoners out-of-state to private prisons. He is also looking to shave 4,500 C.O.’s off the roster in addition to releasing 22,000 inmates to save $400 million out of a $7.8 billion budget that is ironically designated to build more jails and prisons, thanks to overcrowding! CLICK HERE for the rest of this explosive story.

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