Toshiba Unveils World Tiniest HD Camera, Well Sort Of

World\'s Smallest HD Camera

Talk about not wasting anytime! The other day we posted the world’s smallest HD Camera from Sony [HERE] but now it appears Toshiba is making a run on the record by throwing out a three chip (CCD) 1080i broadcast-quality camera that is measuring in a staggering 1.6 inches squared!!
Too bad though, this gizmo is being utilized only by the pro’s for now, and it has to hook up to some sort of contrapment which technically rules it out as the “smallest” operational camera on the market, because technically it ain’t on the market. It can shot up to 90 feet away and for now it will be destined to be used in reality shows. I guess we can be looking forward to HD quality sex tapes now instead of that crappy, grainy stuff of days of old. Sweet.

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