Spike Finally Gets on The Obama Train

Okay people, all the former Clintonites are dropping like flies and crossing over to the Obama train. These johhnny come latelys are some of our most prominent politicians, stars, and entertainers. Next up is hip hop hater and movie maker Spike Lee. He seems to have had enough of Clinton’s pathological lying and the Bosnia flap seems to have broken the straw on the camel’s back.

“Barack told me the first date he took Michelle to was ‘Do the Right Thing,'” noted Lee, who says he told the Illinois senator, “Thank God I made it. Otherwise you would have taken her to ‘Soul Man.’ Michelle would have been like, ‘What’s wrong with this brother?'”

When Barack wins the presidency, it will have been by the people, not these house negroes who were scared to endorse him in the beginning when Billary was seen as the inevitable Democratic nominee.
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3 thoughts on “Spike Finally Gets on The Obama Train

  1. Not sure how you can call Spike Lee that – either a house Negro or a Hip Hop Hater.

    After all, it was Spike who brought PE to Hollywood with Fight The Power. I think the present state of the Hip Hop Universe is what he hates – gold and money and the such. After all, that’s not what the culture is all about.

    Spike Lee made Classics and fought through the Hollywood BS to get Malcom X Made.

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