Researchers Warn Against “Madonna Effect”

Researchers are warning against an alarming trend called the “Madonna effect.” “Third World” parents are putting their children up for adoption in droves with the hopes that “wealthy Westerners” will swoop down and provide their children with a more prosperous life a la Madonna’s adoption of a Zambian baby she later renamed “David.” The British psychologists at the heart of the research are warning against the widespread expoitation of the adoption process at the hands of agencies and governments who are profiting from the booming trade.

“Some celebrities have unwittingly encouraged international adoption, yet it has been shown that 96 per cent of children in orphanages across Europe and probably across the globe are not true orphans and have at least one parent, often known to the local authorities.”

Adoption from abroad is a booming trend in Europe because of the stringent rules that prohibit Europeans from adopting from within their own “borders” coupled with the celebrity endorsement of multi-ethnic adoptions made famous by Madonna and Angelina Jolie. CLICK HERE for the rest of this informative story.

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