“Mr. Put in In Your Mouth”- The World According to Akinyele

Mr. Put It In Ya Mouth

Mr. Put It In Your Mouth aka Akinyele popped up over at Allhiphop and shared his knowledge of why sex sells. After all its one of the only commodities that has the distinction of being recession proof. I must say, Akinyele has some of the most hilarious theories I’ve ever heard. Check this one out about why he thinks George Washington is immortalized on the one dollar bill:

George Washington was a f****n’ pimp.

Anybody who would walk in a strip club and I would know okay I’m going to spend $2000 dollars tonight I get it in singles, this is why they put George Washington’s face on a single. No one else’s face is on a single dollar bill because he’s the oldest pimp in the world and they showed retribution. It was a brilliant idea, think about it. Somebody said yo let’s have these b*****s take their clothes off and let’s give them one dollar as they take it off and let’s do it for George. Let’s put his face on it. ‘Til this day I see guys go in there and spend 5,000. You hear songs about it, 5,000 ones they never say let me get 5,000 in hundreds. They don’t know why but mentally it’s just because through the course of time George Washington is who they’re saluting.

CLICK HERE for the rest of this analysis courtesy of Akinyele.

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