The Social Networking Wave of the Future

Can You See Me Now?

The future of social networking will take place on mobile devices opposed to being restricted to desktops. The mobile phone is being turned into a social platform that members of the same network can virtually interact on and then physically connect. Imagine being in a club and being informed via your phone that your fellow networker Tamika G is also in the house. You look at her stats and see that not only is she single but she said she’s looking for a “special friend.” Instead of approaching her at the bar you send her a text, telling her to order her spirits, first drink is on you! Not only have you broken the ice but if you play your cards right this can be helluva a night.

Imagine being in an airport and being informed that a executive from a prospective business account was nearby and you email them your LinkedIn profile along with a request for a convo. The possibilties are endless with vast networks like iPhone preparing to experiment with mobile social networks that can connect its users in cyberspace and bleed over in the real world by bringing them closer with GPS-locator technology informing friends where you are at all times (remember the Where You At? commercial?) These carriers can create networks with millions linked up and involved with every step they take. CLICK HERE for a full rundown on the social wave of the future.

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