KKK kids-“Awwwww How F*ing Cute!!!”

Source: Mother Jones

Aww isn’t this so cute, a perfectly healthy child born into the annals of racism via the KKK. For all you people who are asleep and condemn Rev. Wright about him speaking on this organization that murdered Black Americans and others who opposed their cannabilistic racism. Sean Hannity would be proud!!

29 thoughts on “KKK kids-“Awwwww How F*ing Cute!!!”

  1. me :this is bull. klu klutz klan? what kind of naem is that? i say kitty kute klan. by the way im totaly against this crap about how people of diferent colors hate each other. so what. WE ARE ALL PEOPLE!

    thank you!

  2. And they always tell blacks to go back to where we came from…without knowing that they brought us here. Learn your history before you try to talk about someone!

  3. the kkk should come to my country so they can see how fucked up they can get or even killed for that crualty that they have against colored people and hispanics. they should also know that all bad things u do here in this world later then you will have to pay up for it and that God always has his vengance against those who mistreat one of his children so kkk when u die your going to rote in hell were u belong with satan you fucking spik.

  4. Hey, to whoever asked what the Klu klutz klan is german for “circle clan” and it’s so pointless . . . The last time they had any sort of effect, real effect in this country was OVER 60 YEARS ago lol. If anybody could be the ideal victim out of people here. I think id be, im Latino Gay and Catholic lol. But yeah, the picture is disappointing, but everybodies got the right to do what they do as long as they’re not hurting peeps. But yeah, don’t get amped, talkin to a KKK member, definetely a kid member is like talking to Rev.Phipps or Phelps daughter and grand daughters (youtube: Phelps Tyra Show)

  5. Listen carefully: Fuck the KKK. If you’re going to hate, do it against something other than race. Your made of the same shit you dumb ass mother fucking cunts! And to whoever said Christians are fucked up, they did prove there is a God. Why don’t you get look into it a little more than believe stereotypes or false messages that you have been told.

  6. wow, i bet your daughter will end up one of those white trash whores that will suck another niggers dick for a $5 crack rock.

    Not to mention that $3 of those dollars will go to her BLACK pimp

  7. this is bull. klu klutz klan? what kind of naem is that? i say kitty kute klan. by the way im totaly against this crap about how people of diferent colors hate each other. so what. WE ARE ALL PEOPLE!

  8. you know what people like this make white people look bad.. FUCK THE KKK im a white 13 yr old kid and i have like 5 hundred black frineds..why cant we all just get along?? POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!!

  9. You christains are fucked up. Stop breeding. Your religion is a joke. When you prove god exists then you can talk. Stop trying to act like your better than everyone else. “God” would not aprove hahahaha. You christains need a better hobby. Oh and I’m white. Gee, I sure hope I don’t go to hell for this. HAHAHAHAHA!

  10. fuck you kkk bitches i will fuck yall up if i seen yall grow the hell up and get a fuckin life i hope yall robes burn and yal aint nothing but some stale ass cracker
    OBAMA 08!!!!

  11. u people are fucked up in the brain get afucking real life and grow up, and leave youir fucking kids ouit of your sick dirty devils work!

  12. WHY ARE YOU PEOPLE SO RACIST?!what if you were white?if you people were really christian you wouldnt kill poeple just because of their skin color.theyre humans.i cant believe you peeople.

  13. i just want to say fuck off to all the niggers,jews,beaners,fuckin asian people,fuck off. WhITE POWER!!!!!!!!!!

  14. OOOO GO KKK…is it true that kkk kills ppl with brown eyes even if they r white…???

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