[video] Audi’s “Iron Man” Commercial

As the release date (May 2) for the highly anticipated summer blockbuster Iron Man approaches, the corporate Big Dogs will start rolling out their cross promotions. This is Audi’s effort to align itself with Tony Starks and his Enterprise. Their R8 will be featured heavily throughout the flick. Their brand integration is not so much a shove it in your face approach but rather Audi as a technologically superior work of machinery is tied into the theme of Iron Man and his many technologically superior machinery (his armor). They’ve developed a very engaging website around the promo campaign as well. To check it out go HERE

One thought on “[video] Audi’s “Iron Man” Commercial

  1. … that was one of the corniest commercials i’ve ever seen. the cars are good. Iron Man is awesome. but come on, if you’re going to make a commercial, make it interesting.

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