Def Jam & Dupri Form Historic Partnership with TAG Body Spray

[Source: HipHopDX]

Jermaine Dupri
has just announced the formation of TAG Records, a joint venture between Island Def Jam and Procter & Gamble’s TAG Body Spray. TAG Body Spray? Yeah, you know Dupri’s is Mr. Young, Fly & Fresh to Death so to assure that fresh smell why not form a label with a body spray company? There is no artist signed to this label as of yet but Dupri promises that they’ll get the biggest push of any artist to date. Mr. Dupri will be named president of this label. There will be a lot of cross branding, artist placement in commercials for the brand and different unique forms of exposure. It appears as if labels are taking note and following in the footsteps of recent joint mergers like Madonna’s brand with Live Nation, or their recent partnership with Jay-Z.

“Today, we make history in the music industry with TAG Records,” said Jermaine Dupri, president of TAG Records. “This label is going to provide new artists with a chance of a lifetime. New artists will receive ten times the typical marketing support – a first in the industry. I’m hand selecting and molding these artists to make history in hip hop.”

To read the full press release click HERE

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