UN & Google Earth Team Up To Save the Globe

Google Me??

The UN is teaming up with Google Earth to bring a face to the displaced and pinpoint every place of suffering around the globe with hopes to help those in need. Remember those late night commercials urging you to donate $0.50 to save someones’s life? Well, just so you can be certain that the UN means business they want to use Google Earth to show you these places in real time. Ingenious. Or to track the Tibetans, or to track the Olympic flame as it makes it journey to China. Is the crisis in Darfur tugging at your heart and you’re thikning of loosening up the purse strings? Well, thanks to Google Earth you can take a visit to a refuge camp to see the atrocities for yourself and probably make your mind up. Check it:

Click on the United Nations’ “visit a camp” button in Google Earth, for example, and an online depiction of the globe spins and zeroes in on a satellite view of a refugee camp in Chad. There, visitors learn about the refugees who have fled to that country from western Sudan’s Darfur region. Click on a button and users can find out how much money it costs to install, say, a new water source at the camp. Click again and users can donate that amount.

CLICK HERE for the full rundown

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