BAPE Celebrates 15 Year Anniversary (4/12)

[via HypeBeast]

This Saturday (4/12) marks a huge undertaking as Bape celebrates fifteen years of business, creating exclusive three t-shirts for each of their branches around the world. The concept has been executed in the past with regional footwear exclusives as well. Among the tees, a special commemorative tin box is also included for the camo green shirt. To coincide with the 15 year anniversary, Bape Hong Kong will also celebrate its 2nd anniversary. Of course with so many events going on, a third tee in association with Nigo’s attendance will be available. Buyers of the third Nigo tee will have the opportunity to have it signed by the General himself. The festivites will start tomorrow at 11:30 am at Bape Hong Kong.

Editor’s Note: eBay gangstas get on your mark, get set….GO!

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