Jamaica’s Poor Held Hostage As Gangs Battle Police

Jamaicans Gone Wild

Conditions on the island of Jamaica have gotten so severe that Amnesty International is calling on its government to inact emergency intervention in its inner-city. The human rights group released a report alleging that the government of Jamaica has neglected its poorest residents, caught in the middle of deadly battles between gangs and police. Murder rates, which topped 1,500 in 2007 are already on course to break that record with 300 murders registering in this year alone. The intense fighting between gangs and police have communities held hostage with school canceled and employment hampered because transportation has been suspended due to erratic gunplay.

“Entire populations are shut down by barricades and unable to leave their homes after 5pm. Children don’t go out to school and adults don’t go to work because transport is suspended.”

There were 272 police killings last year and the human rights group (AI) has labeled the fiasco a “human rights crisis.” Even though Jamaican authorities have acknowledged their difficulties they haven’t responded to this report yet.

Reggae artists Michael Rose & Damien Marley recently addressed this unrest in their video “Shoot Out”…to see it CLICK HERE

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