British Rockers Hating On Jay-Z Headlining UK Festival

UK Says No To Jay?

The frontman for rock group Oasis has denounced the inclusion of Hip Hop in the upcoming Glastonbury Festival, where Jay-Z is scheduled to headline. Noel Gallagher believes integrating Hip Hop into the hstorically “rock” based festival will transform the integrity of the event. “If it ain’t borke don’t fix it…If you start to break it then people aren’t going to go. I’m sorry, but Jay-Z? No chance,” Gallagher said.

Glastonbury organizers believe that Gallagher is out of touch with the changing tides of music and not receptive to their plans to diversify their crowd. Previously, headlining acts would of sold the massive venue out but so far Jay-Z has managed to push sales to 100,000 on the first day with tickets still available. The remaining acts for the five-day festival will be announced on May 1. Kanya King, an organizer of the MOBO Awards is defending the Glastonbury organizers decision to go with Jay and believes his detractors have neither seen him perform nor are they familiar with his music.

“Given that Glastonbury is trying to reach a younger audience and diversify then I think it’s important that they embrace hip-hop,” she said.
“It seems only fitting that you should have a global superstar act like Jay-Z on the show.”

In the meantime, Oasis is completing their seventh studio album and looking for a recording home to release the disc on.

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