George Bush : Most Hated Prez Ever

Source : Firedog Lake

It what is not surprising at all to anybody with half a brain, George.W Bush has been rated as the worst president in history just a head of cross-dressing Harry Truman who alledgely kept sex tapes of Marilyn Monroe and Dr. Martin Luther King amongst many other law breaking acts.

His rating specifically on handling the war in Iraq is equally poor — 33 percent approve, 65 percent disapprove — and on the economy it’s even worse, with a record 70 percent disapprove.

But Bush’s triumph is sort of a more sinister type cause he has the blood of Americans, Iraqis, and countless others on his hands. He should be tried and convicted of torture and war crimes committed during his adminstration.

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11 thoughts on “George Bush : Most Hated Prez Ever

  1. When Abraham Lincoln was trying to abolish slavery he had overwhelming opposition called the confederate states. He had more then half of the country against him thus the confederate uprising and rebel ion. If they took polls in those days I’m sure his approval rating would be even worst then what GWB ever had. He was hated so much they assassinated him for it. BUT history showers him with praise and such high regard that he is even considered one of the greatest presidents ever! So history will be alot more kind on GWB. Right now he is considered a war criminal by many but later he will be considered a purveyor of freedom and democracy.

  2. Another note:

    “who scammed his way into the white house”

    Scam? What about Obama’s group, ACORN, pulling bums off the street and giving them beer, cigarettes, money, food, etc for a vote? What about ACORN registering names like Tony Romo, Mickey Mouse, Jive Turkey, etc and then submitting a vote for Obama under their name? What about ACORN registering the same name 95 times, submitting a vote? What about ACORN registering names from libraries….names of dead people….to cast yet another vote for Obama? Talk about a scam….you liberals should be ashamed of yourselves. Blind, deaf sheep following the herd, knowing nothing about your Messiah’s hidden past with questionable folks (Ayers, ACORN, Wright, etc), lack of citizenship, and lack of experience.

  3. “Really, the sooner we can get President Obama elected, the better.”

    Yet another anti-American pushing for a liberal, anti-American extremist who only associates himself with racists, extremists, radicals, and terrorists. Even Obama’s own wife was a member of the Black Panther Party. You liberals or blind, deaf sheep learning everything you need to know from the twisted leftsided media. The economy is no more Bush’s fault than Katrina, 911, etc. Dig deeper to discover the truth about ACORN and Fannie Mae….and you will find your Messiah (Obama) is right in the middle of the mess.

    Obamanation, what a farse.

  4. Really, the sooner we can get President Obama elected, the better. Then we won’t even have to waste time talking about this retard who scammed his way into the white house and raped our country of it’s pride.

  5. Not a Bush fan here, but it was J. Edgar Hoover (of the FBI) who was the cross dresser.
    Let’s just hope for an Obama victory.

  6. So we should try Bush for the tortures that Americans have carried out, but go easy on the terrorists who do the same with Americans and lop off their heads when they are done?

  7. You know that Harry Truman was last President in 1952 right? Well before Martin Luther King Jr and Marilyn Monroe were anybody. Get your facts straight dumbass.

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