Pioneer Photogs Release The Breaks & Born In The Bronx

In our quest to redeem Hip Hop, lets get in the Time Machine and take a trip back, wayback to the roots of this thing of ours. A collection of photos chronicling Hip Hop at its infancy stage is about to be released via a two books called The Breaks: Stylin’ and Profilin’ 1982-1990 from a photographer name Janette Beckman who was a transplant from London’s rock scene and Born In The Bronx from Joe Conzo.

She arrived in New York at Hip Hop’s infancy and caught the innocence of an emerging artform that would grow into a global phenomenon. He is native son of Hip Hop’s birthplace The Bonx.

Witness the b-boy swag that was pouring off of these ‘stars’ way before the million dollar deals, the Bentley’s and the mansions which are a staple in the average rap video and marketing scheme. These cats are true authentics something severly lacking from today’s musical landscape.

Thankfully Beckman and Conzo were there to capture it all with lens in hand. Salute to these pioneers!

One thought on “Pioneer Photogs Release The Breaks & Born In The Bronx

  1. Nicely done. Im from that time in in hip hop and beyond. Check me out at.

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