TI Speaks…Guns,Nascar,New Album…

Source : Anthony Springer/Hip Hop DX

On the surface, it seems that TI only lost one year of his life when he was convicted on federal weapons charges last month in Atlanta. However, the Grand Hustle label head recently revealed that the in addition to his freedom, he also lost a lot of money.
Before his legal trouble began, TI was riding atop the charts, doing films and commercials. After his conviction, General Motors withdrew its endorsement deal.

“GM had to back up off of me,” he said during an interview with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.
But the losses didn’t stop with the motor vehicle giant.
“There are films that I missed out on. Not speaking of, of course, shows. Tours. Tons of business. I’ve probably lost about $10 to $12 million dollars,” he went on to add.
One possible silver lining to the conviction is that Tip has learned about the virtues of patience, due largely in part to being on house arrest during the duration of his legal proceedings.

“If I can sit at home all day and wait on people to bring me what I need… wait on getting permission to be able to do this and do that, it’s not as serious as I used to make it sometimes.”

“Sometimes it was like, ‘If I don’t get this right now I’m just going to lose it.’ When you’re going 350 miles per hour, it tends to be that way. But when you are stopped – halted, not slowed down, but halted – you figure, ‘Well I could have just slowed down. I didn’t have to be stopped.’’
While the world of Hip Hop can be very unkind to those who take a break, TI may be able to bounce back from the ordeal and regain his position in the game. He won’t begin his prison sentence until next year, after he’s fulfilled his community service requirement.
“I thought it was bad just to slow down. Now I see in me being stopped, I could have done this, been this, myself, instead of being forced to do it.”

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