FADER Media Joins Forces with RCRD LBL

Fader Merges w/RCRD LBL
[Source: ProHipHop]

RCRD LBL (ReCoRD LaBeL) an online record label dedicated to independent artists has just entered a joint venture with FADER Media for sponsor development and advertising. The label offers sponsor-supported MP3s across mulitple genres for emerging and established artists. Merging with FADER Media gives the label access to an entity that is inclusive of print, online, flim, TV, radio, a music label, and events.

“RCRD LBL is a natural partner for us and a great asset for us to bring to our forward-thinking advertising base,” says FADER VP Andy Cohn. “While they share a very similar aesthetic with our current properties, the functionality of their site in legally delivering curated music to consumers for free is completely different from our other properties. Their innovative mindset and revolutionary business model fit perfectly in-line with The FADER.”

RCRD LBL Peter Rojas CEO said, “The FADER crew instinctively get what we’re trying to do with RCRD LBL, there are few others I’d trust to represent us. They understand that our unique ad-supported model doesn’t just require great music, it needs forward- thinking brands that see a unique opportunity to connect with tastemaking audiences in a cool, credible way.”

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