Hilfiger Forms TommyTV

Tommy TV

[Source: ProHipHop]

International fashion icon Tommy Hilfiger has formed an alliance with Sony BMG Europe to introduce TommyTV, an online venture that will bring the much-heralded Hilfiger Sessions to a global audience. The Hilfiger Sessions is a concert series featuring established acts such as Wyclef, Kelly Roland and emerging talent. The content will be inclusive of cutting-edge “state-of-the-art Papervision3D technology to further enhance the online viewing experience.” Hilfiger said,

“I have always been inspired by music and our Company was one of the first to truly fuse fashion and music through a variety of initiatives. The launch of TommyTV takes our musical heritage to the next level by offering the exclusive Hilfiger Sessions performances to a wider audience. With Sony BMG as our partner, we are thrilled to be at the forefront of bringing music and fashion together with the latest technological and online innovations.”

The venture which went live today (4/16) is a continuation of the lastest trend of established companies branching off into other forms of promo and brand integration.

Fred Gehring, CEO Tommy Hilfiger Group, said: “We first started the Hilfiger Sessions’ concerts out of our love for live music and a pure desire to support upcoming talent. The Sessions grew to develop major followings in cities across Europe, and we have been actively seeking ways to bring the amazing spirit of these live evenings to a broader audience. We are extremely excited to unveil TommyTV as a highly innovative new platform which will inspire and extend the Sessions as well as strengthening our brand’s commitment to its heritage of music,” commented Fred Gehring.

Maarten Steinkamp, CEO Sony BMG Europe, said: “Great live music provides an audience with a truly unique shared experience, and the partnership of SONY BMG and Tommy Hilfiger, on TommyTV, allows an even wider audience to enjoy that excitement. In a digital age we are looking for innovative and engaging ways to bring our excellent content to our customers, TommyTV will give online exposure to a wide range of popular and established Sony BMG artists, as well as a vibrant mix of new and upcoming talent.”

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