Myspace Plans To Offer Infinite Amount of Music

Myspace Music

Interesting details are emerging about Myspace’s plans to change the landscape of the music game by providing an infinite amount of free music to anyone at anytime. Already in bed with three out of four of the top music providers and in discussions with the fourth (EMI) Myspace plans to give artists access to a portal that will become the destination point for their music and a platform for their merchandising endeavors. Below is an excerpt from an interview Wired magazine had with Chris Dewolfe, the CEO of Myspace. Can you believe that there are 5 million bands already on Myspace? Wow, thats alot of Tunes for the iPod.

Wired: So, what is MySpace Music all about?

DeWolfe: It’s not just a download service — it’s a service that marries the largest music community with the most comprehensive catalog of music online. Users can discover and consume virtually any piece of music for free on the internet, or if they want to make it portable they can buy it…. Modern music is all about letting users define their experience. And now, with this new model, we’re letting them do that and the music industry is able to make money at the same time.

Wired: Do you think the new service will change the digital music landscape?

DeWolfe: I think it’s going to be the central hub where everyone goes to find music. If I want to find out anything about a band that I hear about, the first thing I’m going to do is go to MySpace because that experience is going to be so rich that I won’t have to go to 10 other sites to find out about the last albums they’ve done; to see what other fans are saying about them; to figure out when their tour dates are; to join their community…. MySpace aggregates that into one place and … creates an entirely new business model for the music industry.

Wired: Does this deal give MySpace users access to more music?

DeWolfe: By far…. We have the three biggest music companies in the world signed on with us. We’re in the process of talking to the fourth. We’re also working with all the indie music consortiums, so by the time we launch [this summer], it should be a very high percentage in the United States…. Our main goal is to have all the music in the world on MySpace
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