TI To Headline Hip Hop Summit In Pennsylvania

You Don\'t Know Me

For those dying to get a glimpse of Clifford “TI” Harris he will be appearing at Temple University headlining the National Hip-Hop Summit in what appears to be his national “Good Will” tour. The event is being billed as a voter mobilization effort, a last ditch attempt to get out the vote for the upcoming Pennsylvania primary where ironically guns and god have become a hot button topic.

This primary may be the deciding factor in the Democratic contest between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. TI, who is no longer qualified to vote due to his prior convictions, will be delivering his messge to those who will be deciding the country’s next president.

“I personally know the value of having the right to vote and it taken away from you,” the rapper said in a statement. “But I will add my voice to help inspire others to take seriously this right and responsibility.”

The free event will be going down Sunday (4/20) at 2 p.m. at the Liacouras Center, 1776 N. Broad St. He will joined by other luminaries on the podium, such as Ciara, Russell Simmons and many others.

Go HERE for more info on the event.

In related T.I. news he is solidifying a deal to appear in Bone Deep, a Sony Screen Gems film that is about a heist that is being described as Heat means Ocean 11. I interpret this to mean that there will be heavy gunplay. Already inked to appear is Matt Dillon and Ibris Elba.

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