Snoop Tapped To Become Spokesman For Landy Cognac

lady in the red dress

Snoop Dogg, who has proven he can sell everything from platinum records to customized Cadillac‘s has now been tapped to sling Cognac liquor. The former Gin & Juice pitchman joins the throngs of rappers (Dr. Dre, Jim Jones, Jay-Z) who have been christened to sell spirits, Diddy being amongst the most famous for his multi-million dollar deal to push Ciroc liquor.

Landy Cognac, which is packaged in the shape of a shaley woman is an inexpensive liquor, well compared to the brands that rappers have popularized in songs and endorsements, with prices ranging from $30 to $300 for its more exclusive limited bottles. Expect some music soon with Snoop name dropping.

11 thoughts on “Snoop Tapped To Become Spokesman For Landy Cognac

  1. you got any pictures luscious.. : ) that was a good idea to make a liquor bottle shaped like a female.. Sex do sell

  2. that bottle is so beautiful, guess we dont tap the bottle no more, we undress it, lol……….. hahhahahaha

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