Playstation 3 Clip On LCD Screen(Pic)

With the all the hype about PS3 outselling the Wii this year, Clearvision aims to capitalize by releasing this clip on screen for all you mod. I kinda like the design though engadget’s Darren Murph thinks that:

” Sony’s PlayStation 3 just doesn’t lend itself to being the perfect candidate the way Nintendo’s Wii does.

Who knows, maybe it’s that curvaceous design or something. Anyway, Clearvision is hoping that you don’t much care how unsightly your console becomes when strapping its PS3 gaming monitor on, which adds a 7-inch LCD, a pair of speakers and little else. Unfortunately for those actually interested in picking one up, it seems you’ll have to put in an inquiry with one Shenzhen Madcow Digital Technology Co., Ltd. Good luck with that.

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