Ray Charles’ Children Fight For Estate With Ex-Manager…

Source : Breibart via AP

The estate of legendary singer and musician Ray Charles, is in the midst of a legal battle pitting his children against Ray’s longtime manager. The estate said to be worth in the multi-millions, has largely been controlled by Joe Adams who is accused by some of Ray’s 12 children to be be grossly mishandling its finances. Though there is a will both sides seem to be very far apart about how this estate should be handled. Full story below:

LOS ANGELES (AP) – Ray Charles’ children are accusing his longtime manager of mismanaging his estate and trusts and tarnishing his legacy by releasing two posthumous CDs the late singer never would have approved, according to a published report.
In allegations outlined Sunday in the Los Angeles Times, several of Charles’ 12 children accused Joe Adams of holding too much power over Ray Charles Enterprises and the Ray Charles Foundation and excluding them from business dealings.

“The biggest issue with me is disrespect for the family and kids,” said Robert Robinson, one of Charles’ sons. “If you respect a man and his work, then respect his kids. His blood is flowing through our veins.”

Charles’ children hope to win control of the marketing of their father’s name and image, and a greater voice in foundation affairs. Professional estimates place the value of Charles’ musical recordings at about $25 million, plus another $50 million he held in securities, real estate and other assets.

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2 thoughts on “Ray Charles’ Children Fight For Estate With Ex-Manager…

  1. Joe Adams’s managing days are over with Ray Charles. Why doesn’t he just give the children of Ray Charles what is their legacy. I hope everything turns out the way they want it to.

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