Hip Hop Mayor Says That God Is “Whuppin’ His A**”

Oh Lawdy

After being unceremoniously shut down by the City Council while awaiting trial for perjury charges the embattled Hip Hop Mayor invokes the Lord as the source of his problems. Addressing a crowd of worshippers on Saturday (4/20) at the Fellowship Chapel Church in Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick told the crowd: “I’m not being whupped by the devil; I am being punished by my God. I know that my disobedience put me in the situation I am in.” He made this unprecedented move at the Detroit Manpower Movement event which was “aimed at getting more black men involved in volunteer efforts.”

Editor’s Note: Now, even though that was a “righteous” gesture to make in the spirit of taking responsibility for one’s action, I can’t honestly say that it was the best legal move to make, I mean after all he is pleading “not-guilty” to the charges.

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