Second Life Offers Artists Opportunities To Make $ Online

SecondLife myPod player

Notice to indie artists, there is money out there! Not only is money being left on the table in the real world, but there is also an money-making opportunities that exist online, in the virtual world. Second Life, which is rapidly emerging as virtual economy, has a very unique way that artists can sell their tunes to other virtual residents of the virtual world. By formulating a myPod, a take on the iPod, an artist can sell his or her tune in the MP3 format which the consumer can apply to the real world.

If thats too challenging, they can put their song in SecondTunes, their rendition of the iTunes store which is currently home to about 100 artists. For a flat fee of $15 and 9.1 cents in real dollars you can become a virtual distributor and sell other peoples music as well in addition to your own but you can only push 150 tunes at a time. For a flat fee of $28.65 you can sell 150 copies of each song for whatever price you chose. In the virtual world of Secod Life, Linden dollars rule, and tune go for upwards to L$200 to L$400 a song.

Sound Off!!

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