Wendy Bringing Ruckus To Fox On Her Own Talk Show

The Queen Of Daytime Radio

Wendy Williams, under fire for allegations that her husband sexually harrassed members of her staff, has confirmed that she will be debuting a talk-show on Fox, debuting July 14. Her previous attempt at TV on VH1 didn’t do to well ratings-wise and was canceled but now she has reloaded on the network that Murdoch built. Details remain sketchy, like the show’s running time or what time slot it will occupy but they are saying that Fox has signed on for a six-week run. You can expect interviews with celebrities and low-brow antics that have made the female shock-jock a staple on New York radio. She apparently renewed her contract with WBLS so she won’t be abandoning her radio post anytime soon.

Editor’s Note: All this time and I couldn’t put my finger on it, than presto, I got it! That’s who Wendy reminds me of, she’s the female version of Bill ‘O Reilly. Be scared. Be real scared.

4 thoughts on “Wendy Bringing Ruckus To Fox On Her Own Talk Show

  1. I completely agree with Anon on this one. FOX (especially Fox News) is notorious for being racist, sexist, self-righteous, biased, and anti-semetic. Most likely, the only reason they gave Wendy her own show on the network is because she perpetuates most of the negative stereotypes and stigmas associated with black people and black women. But like somebody else previously mentioned, a girl’s gotta work.

  2. I still think she is loud, ill-mannered and no more attractive than any other woman with fake boobs and hair who wheezez, coughs and burps on the air. I suppose that’s why she was hired. A woman of color who is lovely, with class and grace, still has to jump through hoops of fire to get a decent job in entertainment. Wendy is the African American court jester of media. But a girl’s gotta work.

  3. Wendy:
    You r the queen of drama, this is y u have such a large fan base. I am your #1 fan. Nothing u say or do amaze me, ruckus is your middle name. GIVE M HELL BABY

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