“Crip Walking”- Suburban Style [Video]

Snoop Dogg doing the Crip walk...

This was sent to me and I was amazed how these kids obviously from the suburbs have taken something from the hoods of California and made it there own.Now all we have to figure out is how to stop the guys in Cali and across the country to stop killing each other. Westside!!
(Oh yeah the first kid is the the best)

45 thoughts on ““Crip Walking”- Suburban Style [Video]

  1. Bloods or Crips dosent matter. You’re all just a bunch of dumb ass NIGGERS and that’s all you’ll ever be.

  2. ahahahahahahhahahaha
    all of you crips and bloods are to stupid to write properly
    maybe get a job instead of talking about your little winkies and your little water pistals, hhahaha this really made me lol especially tj LOL
    hav fun wid all ya kool shit bro
    peow peopeace out homies

  3. YO CK all day. 21st st C’z all the way. spray slobs evryday! keep on ridin niggs! stay up. PeAcE!

  4. swoooooppppp blood gang… nigga i stay wit the flame tuCKed nigga… and ill spray all ya fake ass crabs.. on my shit nigga 44bloCK eastside blood gang nigga…CK all day.. lemme see snoop an ill wrap his blue flag aroung my diCK and make all you crabs suCK it…. Bz^

  5. its 107 hoova crip all day where um from ”Crips on warpath busting on yung slobs” c.o.w.b.o.y.s

  6. fuk all gangs u damn faggets why fight eachother wen u should fight da copps dumb niggaz , im a beaner but i dance

  7. That 6-point shit needz to stop this South west Region Southern Arizona South eaSt SellS Main St. Crip ridin with tha SiccMade Locstaz and we don’t bang that Shit on tha West where this Crippin Started So leave tha 6’n to tha GD’z Cuz.
    South Side
    Main St. CRIP
    33rd. bKLOCC

  8. imma straight up cip 4 life no matter what d muthafuckin hood say cut a slob and da muthafuckin blood spray as i place my blue flag over da slobs head and let niggaz know dat crips taking over dis shit real rap i;m from philly but i;m reppin da six point all day til i rest and know da my ak-47 knows best so fuck y’all slobz !!!!!!!!

  9. easKT sKide sKantana bKloc compKton CripK 1600 bKlocc u sKlobKz fuCC with me r my loCCsK u will c jusKt like ya Color dead Cuzz 1600%bK all day Bklat KILLAA! CCCRRRIIIPPP!

  10. all of you are fucking pussies. i bet you cant get a job done without a piece bitch. none of you niggas would battle 4 niggas by yourself. weapon wielding punks

  11. 5 poppin 6 droppin/ see a crip cut a crip watch my favorite color drip. crab ass niggas bloodz 4 life

  12. fuck all ya motherfucking Crips
    aim a Blood and I stay a blood.
    So fuck all ya lil blue bitches

    Emaad Blood from Southside Harlem

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