Humanity Was On the Brink Of Extinction 70,000 Years Ago, Saved By Africans

famine wrought the motherland

Scientists are saying through the use of mitochondria DNA evidence they are theorizing that a natural disaster (widespread drought) brought the population of the planet down to a number dangerously close to extinction. But rather than fall off the face of the Earth, the small pocket of 2,000 survivors migrated out of Africa and re-populated the planet some 70,000 years ago.

Paleontologist Meave Leakey, a Genographic adviser, asked, “Who would have thought that as recently as 70,000 years ago, extremes of climate had reduced our population to such small numbers that we were on the very edge of extinction?

“Tiny bands of early humans, forced apart by harsh environmental conditions, coming back from the brink to reunite and populate the world. Truly an epic drama, written in our DNA.”

Reports that seem to change as frequently as the weather trace the existence of an African “Eve” anywhere from 2 million years ago to as recent as 200,000 years ago. Scientists have agreed that what is referred today as the human species derived from this ancestor but they haven’t been able to pinpoint the activities of the species between the time of origin and 60,000 years ago around the time that Africans migrated out of the Motherland to populate the rest of the planet. What they can agree upon though is not only did Africans birth the species but they’ve saved the planet, which boasts sweltering numbers of 6.5 billion inhabitants from the brink of extinction.

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Editor’s Note
: I find it interesting that in real life as well as in the fictional world (Hollywood) the “black man” can be perceived as the Saviour of life on the planet. Will Smith can embody it in I AM LEGEND and science can uncover it but openly He (the “black man”) is still looked upon as incompetent, inferior and incapable of saving himself let alone the species. Just moments away from being declared an Endangered Species we need to reevaluate the tenacity of this “Giver of Life.” He refuses to give up just like Hillary, I know the irony. Just a thought.

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