SW.A.T, Community, & Churches Try To Prevent Another Bloody Weekend in Chicago

Source: Breibart

Realated Post: Chicago Gangs Give City Deadly Weekend..32 Shot, 2 Stabbed, 6 Dead
The community of Chicago and the police department are pulling out all the stops to prevent another bloody weekend amidst gang related shootings and murders.

Though they feel they can quiet things down a bit, a recent multiple shooting has them worried about a strong retaliation from local Gangster Disciples. Editors note : If anyone from Chicago can write in and give us some knowledge as to the situation we welcome your contribution: [Send your coverage here]

Police planned to increase patrols and put SWAT officers and specialized units on the streets over the weekend, a show of force aimed at deterring violence like the three dozen shootings that left nine people dead last weekend.

On Friday, Mayor Richard Daley took the unusual step of calling together more than two dozen officials from the police department, schools, social service agencies and religious groups for a City Hall summit on the violence. Afterward, he said it was just the start of a continuing dialogue about how to combat violent crime.

Full story here

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