Jay Z “Blow The Whistle” Sticks Up For Lebron Against The Wizards …

[Download] “Blow Your Whistle”

Okay a new beef is brewing!! And guess what? It has nothing to do with 50 Cent!!

Yeah hard to believe but it seems some nefarious comments have been flying back and forth between Lebron James(Cavaliers) and DeShawn Stevenson(Wizards). Here is exactly what set it off:

Mike Wise/Washington Post
DeShawn Stevenson, a role-playing shooting guard for the Washington Wizards, deigned to call MVP candidate LeBron James “overrated” last month..

Asked to respond to Stevenson, LeBron said that would be like rap icon Jay-Z responding to a one-hit wonder like Soulja Boy. Ouch.

The rivalry has gotten to the point that Souljah Boy came to the Wizards Arena to support Stevenson and now Jay Z has chimed in with his first recording since his mega deal with Live Nation to stick up for his homey Lebron James with a scathing but on point track called “Blow Your Whistle”.

Full story here

Source : Real Talk NY

One thought on “Jay Z “Blow The Whistle” Sticks Up For Lebron Against The Wizards …

  1. As much as I want to say that this “rivalry” is immature and and childish…I knda like the fact that there is bad blood between the Cavs and the Wiz. First of all, it makes every game must-see-TV and secondly, it seems harmless enough that people won’t get out of hand.

    But honestly though Soulja Boy vs Jay Z…you can’t be serious…



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