Incest Father’s Dungeon of Hell…(Pics)

Photos have been released of the incestous Austrian father who kept his daughter hostage for 24 years and fathered seven children who were not allowed to leave his specially made dungeon.

The living space contained very little natural light and was built in the basement of the home. Editors note:This is truly one of the weirdest stories I have ever encountered. Read more below:

Elisabeth Fritzl, 42, was raped repeatedly since being lured into the dungeon built below the family home in a small Austrian town. Police said she had been “broken” by the experience

Elisabeth, who was described as pale and malnourished with hair that had turned white, has told police she was held captive since shortly after her 19th birthday, having been abused by her father since the age of 11.

The chambers had areas for sleeping, cooking and washing. Investigators said the basement labyrinth even contained a padded cell.

Josef Fritzl says he locked his daughter in a cellar for nearly 24 years

Full story CLICK HERE..

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